Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sexy elves coming your way!

SO pleased the latest in my Elf series finally has a pub date. February 13th is the release day for Forbidden Pursuit. I’ve waited a long time for this one. At first I was assigned to an editor I couldn’t communicate with and a lot of time was wasted. But Ellora’s Cave gave me a new very efficient editor and the elves will be rolling from now on! So of course I'm glad to see my baby finally make an appearance.
Here’s the cover and the link for a smashing trailer. I’m so pleased with this trailer, not my doing, I’m not that smart, but I did get to pick some of the images and the music. Would much appreciate it if you’d give a look and tell me how you like it. I’m thrilled with it. Here’s the link: bit.lyVi7bV7. And here’s an excerpt:
Pleased with his thoughts as well as the blessedly soothing water, Arden flipped over to swim a little farther, and as he did saw the other swimmer passing to his right and headed for the beach. Did the man not know he would then be on private territory? He’d better follow him and point where he could swim around the stone barricades. He must be staying at one of the adjacent estates, but he was now going directly toward Alfheim. He’d find it quite difficult to get past either barrier to the beach he wanted.
The swimmer had deep brown hair, now plastered to his head. It seemed to be as longer than Arden’s own, which was interesting. Most males wouldn’t think of not adhering to current short-cropped fashion, at least not the ones who could afford to live in one of the expensive estates that lined the coast.
As he headed toward shore he could pay more attention to his swimming. Going this direction he was helped by the tide. He put his head down and enjoyed one last, fast swim.  When he reached shallow enough water he stood and shook some of the moisture off and started toward the other swimmer. He was standing with a towel in his hand near a big rock, his back to Arden. Drying his hair with vigor, hair that now showed more than a little red. Hair that nearly touched the sand when he leaned over to towel the thick mass. Hair that crowned a figure that was definitely not a man’s. A shapely, deliciously curved female, with grace inherent in every motion. She wore a plastered-to-her bathing suit that left each curve outlined and unbearably provocative. Long, sun tanned legs. And when she turned to face him, the features of a Madonna come to life. A Madonna who looked him over and laughed.
Arden bristled at first and then remembered his naked state. No wonder she was chuckling. Here he was, without a stitch on him and nothing he could do it until he retrieved his clothes. Which naturally were at the opposite end of the beach. By the magic of all elves, she was magnificent. He couldn’t resist running his gaze over those perfect curves once again. He felt his cock start to rise, and saw her eyes widen and her beautiful face grow sober."
I've got five more slated in this series. They're all stand alone books, even though they trace a family of elves for three generations. Passionate Pursuit will be found at Ellora's Cave, my website, www.jeanhartstewart.com, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and more. 



Tina Donahue said...

Major congrats, Jean, on your upcoming book!! May you burn up the net with your sales. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina. I'mdoing edits for the next one now. At least until the Superbowl comes on....