Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet John Antorino Cover Model!

It's always a pleasure to meet friendly, down-to-earth people like those I've met in publishing. That includes cover model and actor John Antorino, whom I've gotten to know during the interview process. I chatted with John last year on another group blog under my Adele Dubois pen name, and recently featured him on my new blog, where I introduced my mainstream romance pen name, Adele Downs.

In case you missed John's interview, I hope you'll stop by and pay him a visit. He's charming and easy going, and readers say he's someone they enjoy meeting.

Here's the link:


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Tina Donahue said...

Whoa - LOVE the Dreams of a Raven Moon cover- it is HOT!!!

Kelli Scott said...

I like the laughing photo best. Love a man who laughs a lot :)

Adele Downs said...

Thanks Tina and Kelli!