Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Happy Valentine's Greeting from author Rita Hestand!!

Happy Valentines …to Man and dog!

Sounds funny to talk about this during Valentines, , but what I am referring to is this, everyone knows that dogs are loyal animals, perhaps one of the most loyal of animals to the human being.  But how many articles do you see on the human's loyalty to dogs?

I just watched a movie that spoke volumes on demonstrating how loyal the human being is to their dogs. The movie was called "Darling Companion,"with Diane Keaton.  It focused on this issue, of what lengths the human will go to in finding a lost pet. It's true. When they are lost, we put posters up, we contact our neighbors to watch out for them, we hold our own private vigils for them.  Do major searches for them. We even sometimes contact the police or pound for returned dogs.

So I would like to salute the human race, when it comes to their pets, most are as loyal as the animal itself. 
Like the dogs who follow us around, protect us from harm, and stand by our side even in death, humans have the capacity for loyalty beyond belief. We even have pet cemeteries now.

Lately there have been many articles on the net about how dogs wait eagerly for the return of their veteran, how eagerly they lick them to death when they return. How some dogs even stand by the gravesite forever, or visit it like a human might.

There is the Marine who is helped by the K-9's. Before he eats, he feeds his dog, that's how loya the human is to a dog. There is the cop who has the dog sniff out drugs.  He knows he can depend on the dog to always do the right thing and find what he is looking for. Police are also famous for taking care of their animals. There is the boy who eats, sleeps and plays with his dog. Who can't do anything without his dog by his side. Humans from a dog's point of view might be just as loyal.  An the most human thing about a dog is that the dog knows this instinctively.

My grandkids have a dog, she's a mutt, but a very happy and content mutt named Ginger. She wouldn't run away if she could, she's got it too good. Makes you wonder, do dogs have brains, or just oversized hearts?
Nevertheless, God bless the faithful dog, and his loyal companion…man!


Tina Donahue said...

Love dogs - adore cats - like both better than most people. :) Happy Valentine's Day to you, Rita - hope you have a wonderful evening planned!

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

I'm a dog lover, Rita, and also a horse lover. Like the marine with his K-9, we always feed and care for our horses before we get to even think of eating after a long ride.

Like dogs, horses have big hearts and I thank God that we live on a farm and I get to raise my children in the country surrounded by our amazing pets.

Great post, Rita! And Happy Valentines day to you! NICE COVER, BTW! Whew, its hawt!

jean hart stewart said...

Dogs and cats can teach us so much! All we have to do is be willing to learn from them. LOVE the cover....

Sarah J. McNeal said...

We always had a dog growing up and I certainly love having my lovely Lily. They love you no matter how everyone else feels about you. LOL
Speaking of human loyalty...I will never forget the man and his dog in the aftermath of Katrina. He wasn't allowed to take his dog with him and leave New Orleans so he stayed to take care of his dog and so did the man that he and his dog rescued. It brought me to tears.
Happy Valentine's Day, Rita.

Redameter said...

Gotta love those humans that love their animals. And give them the respect they are due. It's kinda nice saluting the dogs and pets of this world that mean so much to us.
May we never take them for granted.
Love and blessings to you all.