Monday, January 14, 2013

What is coming your way

Lots of people want to know what we have on our plate for the coming months
so here goes.  

Right now I just released the First book of the McKay's Raining in My Heart.

It is a contemporary romance that will have at least three more books to go along. What are the McKay's about?  Here are some clues:  Four daughters will inherit a fortune if they come home and live at home for the next year.  In Raining in My Heart you will meet Julie McKay.  She left home nearly ten years ago, with good reason. She was pregnant. Had she stayed there would have been a shotgun wedding that Julie didn't want. So for ten years she's been mother and father to her adorable daughter, Kellie. But what's gonna happen when Kellie comes face to face with her father?

Also in the agenda I'm working on finishing the series of the Amory's with Mail Order Nanny. It's Tanka's story. Gina has died and left Tanka with three adorable daughters. It been two years since their mother died, and they know they need help, so the kids order a mail order Nanny much to Tanka's distress.

Red River Valley Brides, a stagecoach full of ex-whores are headed for Veda Texas, in hopes of becoming a mail order bride. They've got one year to find a husband, if not they will have to leave, a four part series western romance.

I've decided to write a story for the Dream Catcher series, the first born son of Chase Rivers and Katherine Hightower. Ben is a breed who has been watching a white woman suffer for some time and he wants to help her. But in order to, he'll have to make her his woman first, will it be a willing taking or not?

The Travers Brothers series was finished, but someone wanted me to write a story about Sammie Jo, so I've begun that one too. Sammie Jo is Deke and Emma's first born and she's gone to Alaska. Now what would make a natural born Texan want to live in that cold country for, find out in Avalanche of the Heart.

So as you can see I am busy and working on a lot of series books.  Hope you enjoy them. and hope everyone has a wonderful winter.



Redameter said...

So when you wonder what a writer is up to, you'll probably see how busy they are. Series writing is kind of a natural thing, you have to tell so many people's story and if you develop characters along the way it becomes easier and easier to write. I hope you enjoy them. Have a good day!

jean hart stewart said...

I usually write in series. Am on book six of my Passionate Pursuits series and have had to slow down to make a genealogy chart. Gotta keep all the ages, children, etc. in line. I think I'll offer the chart as a freebie on a blog sometime.

Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Rita.

Good idea, Jean - your chart would be a great help to everyone.