Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled

Recently some authors have been talking about sequels...about how once you write "the end", sometimes the starring characters of that book are done telling their stories, but the supporting characters  want to continue.  I've written two series' like that, with the earlier "starring characters" still involved with subsequent stories but in supporting roles.

With Prophecy of the Undead, which was inspired by two separate dreams, I thought I was done with the story when I was writing the last chapter.  Then I began to imagine how to tie up the loose ends that in retrospect were obviously crying out for resolution.  I soon began the first chapter of Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled.  As with my other series books, you can read each one independently but you will get a more interesting experience if you read them in order.

At the end of Prophecy of the Undead, Keisha and Yuri are enlisting the aid of vampires he knows to help them convince those who control the world behind the scenes that the human race should not be dumbed-down any further before the return of the alien vampires who brought across to blood-drinking humans in many cultures on their last visit.  They took many humans back to their planet with them the last time, and promised to return for more humans in 5,000 years when their planet would once again be aligned with the Earth.  Vampires must decide if they have any skin in the game, since many feel that losing a few thousand humans would be good for the worldwide population and not hurt them in any way.

Keisha and Yuri receive help in their quest from a most unexpected source: a tall, blue-skinned alien covered with darker blue fur, who tells them to call him "Frank".  He is from a race of eternal beings that call themselves "Visitors" because they visit planets all around the universe to help nudge evolution along so that each planet's dominant species can venture out into space and achieve their birthright as star travelers.  But first they need to convince Niu Ying, a Chinese female vampire with a chip on her shoulder, that she should care about the human race.

As a gifted child she was given to the state by her Chinese parents, leading to a harsh life.  Her un-dead existence has been worse.  When other vampires urge her not to further the destruction of humans, they bring a blue-skinned alien Visitor. She never expected to discover her own humanity in the arms of an alien; he never expected to fall in love.  Can their passion bridge the gap between their races?  And can they join forces to face the return of the Mayan aliens and save humanity?  

Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled will be available on Friday, February 1, 2013 from Eternal Press at: http://www.eternalpress.biz/.
You can also find my books at the usual sources, like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romances eBooks, CoffeeTime Romance, etc.
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Tina Donahue said...

Wow - sounds like an awesome story, Fiona - very creative! :)

jean hart stewart said...

You've really originated a couple of originals, Fiona... Best of luck with this...