Friday, January 18, 2013

Behind the White Towel

It's all about the environment around you that can make it or break it. Or as they say, when in Rome... What would you do if you were surrounded by sexy, naked men....or women...doesn't really matter I suppose, it's the situation.

One thing for sure, I'll never look at white towels in the same way.

Sex clubs have a unique atmosphere unto themselves. I tried to bring that into my story Plus One. It takes place in a sex club tucked in the heart of a city business district. Office buildings surround the club, making it accessible for quickie interludes when the mood strikes.

But on this particular night, it all begins with a girls night out and a pole dance workshop. During research I found the atmosphere heated, scintillating and intimidating at times. But I was captivated. Plus One is a fun and sexy story about a couple that meet, get caught up in the erotica ambiance of the club and find themselves carried away with ... well... you'll have to read it to see.

Plus One Excerpt

“So, what do you think?” Wendy leaned in to him and whispered.
Fucking amazing.” He glanced down at her, his eyes zeroing in on her huge boobs cradled in some sheer fabric that pretended to be a bikini top. He tried not to look like a guy that had never seen tits before.
She laughed and slipped her arm through his, pressing those magnificent breasts against his biceps. “I knew you would like it. So. What do you want to do?”
How the hell did he know? He’d never been to a sex club before. This one was a little more exclusive. Upscale. Set in the heart of the city business district, in an old renovated mansion. It was the last thing you’d expect to see. Wendy and her husband, Conn, were co-owners and he’d known them for years. She’d asked him to come a few times and because he was single, he had to be invited. No single guys allowed. Only couples and single ladies.
He was their plus one tonight. Not that he expected to have sex with them, but was simply their tagalong and he was okay with it.

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Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Great excerpt, Cristal. I love scenes written in the male POV. LOVE getting into their head.

BTW, checked out your website - and your header banner. HOLY COW - where were you when that was taken? NICE!

Tina Donahue said...

Whoa - sounds hot. Have to check it out. :)

Cristal Ryder said...

Renee, I was at Romanticon12, Ellora's Cave conference. It was amazing. The pic was taken with the Cavemen cover models. They were there the whole time and doted on us every minute. *sigh*
If you like male POV, my book Switch Me Up is written completely from male POV and for Ellora's Cave EC for Men line :)

Cristal Ryder said...

Thanks, Tina. If you do. Let me know what you think.