Monday, December 10, 2012

New release - Leader of the Pack!

Hi all! Francesca Hawley here. I'm so excited to announce a new release coming on December 21 from Ellora's Cave publishing. Leader of the Pack is a sequel to Alpha vs. Alpha (though both stand alone).

A childhood friend of Serena Goldwolf, matchmaker extraordinaire, comes to her and asks Serena to find her a match. Serena is a little shocked by the request. She loves to find matches that will make her clients happy, but this client is a challenge.

Yohana Whitewolf is a pack leader and her pack is nervous about her lack of mate so she seeks out the services of Predator-Match.com to find her a male willing to be her Mate. There are some special criteria for this search. He has to be an alpha male, but one who has no desire to take over as packleader. Yohana isn't looking for Mr. Right, she's looking for Mr. Right-Now because she'll be coming into heat in a few days. If she can provide her pack with both a Mate and a pup on the way, she hopes they'll leave her alone.

Dr. Per Goldwolf seeks a matchmaking service because he's in a dilemma. He wants to make partner in his medical practice, but the head of the practice has a few prejudices. One of them is that he wants Doctors who are made partner to be settled family men and not bachelors on the prowl. So Per needs to find a Mate before the weekend. He's told his boss that he has a fiancee but he's been lying and now the piper is coming to call. Produce the girl or lose the promotion.

Serena matches them up gleefully. But when you match two complicated wolves together, complicated doesn't begin to describe the situation because Yohana and Per don't lead simple lives.

Leader of the Pack - blurb

Surgeon Dr. Per Goldwolf needs a mate to make partner in a prestigious practice. Predator-Match.com—a matchmaking service for shapeshifters—not only finds him a mate, they match him with his True Mate. Yohana’s long legs and fair flesh make him lick his lips and her scent makes him rock-hard.

New packleader Yohana Whitewolf’s life goal is to follow in her sire’s pawprints and lead her pack. Leadership demands sacrifices. To calm her people, Yohana needs a mate. But finding an Alpha male who won’t take over is a tall order. Yohana doesn’t want the complication of a True Mate, but Per is a sexy, intelligent Alpha male and she wants to shred his clothes every time she touches him.

Everything should be perfect—except she’s a packleader, and the Whitewolf pack is nervous.


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Copyright © FRANCESCA HAWLEY, 2012

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Per looked up from his coffee to see Yohana striding confidently across the room. Two steps behind her was the young waiter, looking dazed and horny. What the fuck? Per had been on edge ever since she left the table, envisioning her in the bathroom stall with her legs spread and himself on his knees on the floor plowing into her. Now, here she was sashaying back to their table looking satisfied. He stood to hold out her chair. As Yohana stepped close to him, he was enveloped in the scent of her recent arousal…and orgasm. His bitch screwed someone else then walked back to the table as if nothing had happened. Fuck that! Per caught the worshipful gaze of the wet-behind-the-ears pup and growled.
The pup blinked and stammered, gulping in terror. “I’ll bring your check,” he squeaked.
“Like hell you will, you whelp. You just mounted my Mate. We’re going for a walk. Now.
The boy yipped, flying off for the kitchen at a run. Per was after him in a shot, ready to kill.
He ignored Yohana’s cry of command, looking back once, rage filling his vision. “I’ll handle this.”
The boy weaved between tables before slamming headlong into someone exiting the kitchen with a tray full of pasta dinners. Per caught the boy before he hit the floor, lifting him up by the collar of his shirt. A firm female hand grasped his wrist, while her arm encircled his waist.
Yohana pressed against his back to whisper in his ear, “I masturbated in the bathroom. The pup was nowhere near me. Let him go…” She sighed as he turned to look into her eyes. “Please, Per.”
He took a deep breath and nodded. The scent of his Mate wasn’t on the boy, so he released the whelp, watching as the boy ran hell for leather through the kitchen doors. Per closed his eyes, mortified at his stupidity. He had never claimed a female this publicly in his entire life, not even when he was in Sweden before his sire threw him out of their pack.
Yohana eased away from him, turning to the man, who happened to be Stefano Blackwolf the restaurant manager and son of the owner, Roberto. “I’m sorry, Stef. This is my fault. I’ll pay for the meals. Please allow me to buy the diners whatever else they would like to apologize for their wait.”
Per shook his head. “No. My fault. I’ll pay for it.”
Yohana frowned at Per. “I will pay. It’s my responsibility.”
Per’s blue eyes blazed, then he paused. “We’ll split it. Fair?”
Yohana patted his arm. “Yes. That’s fair.”
Per blushed as Stefano lips twitched, fighting to control his amusement. Per looked into Yohana’s eyes then he started to chuckle, drawing giggles from her. She blushed, looking down at her toes. He reached over, lifting her chin with a fingertip barely brushing her lips with his.
“Dessert, Yohana? Would you like some cannoli?”
“That sounds wonderful.”
“Two, Stefano?” Per inquired of the manager.
Stef nodded, directing the busboys to clean up the mess while he went to inform the waiting diners of the delay with their meals. Per set his hand at the small of her back, escorting her to their table. He seated her and reseated himself.
“I’m sorry for setting this mess in motion. I didn’t consider you might imagine me having sex with Marcello. He’s a baby.” Yohana took his hand, meeting his eyes.
Per clasped her hand before lifting it to his lips to kiss. He froze, taking a deep breath. She’d washed her hand, but he knew it had been inside her…recently. Per looked into her startled gray eyes, breathing deeply so she’d know he smelled her sex. He opened his mouth engulfing her thumb, sucking and licking it. In spite of the soap, her taste lingered faintly on her skin bringing his body rigidly to attention.
Yohana gasped, color rising in her cheeks as she licked her lips. He could see her pebbled nipples tight against the silk of her dress. This was no frigid bitch and he was in big, big trouble because his mind rejoiced to discover it. Per wanted to mount her now. He wanted to grab her, throw her face down on the table, rip off her panties, and sink into her to make her his while everyone in the room watched…then cheered. What scared him the most was the expression evident in her eyes. She wanted the same damn thing!


Cris Anson said...

Wow! What a hot excerpt! Congratulations on your latest release, Francesca.

Francesca Hawley said...

Thanks for stopping by Cris! I had a lot of fun writing this story!

Tina Donahue said...

Wow - what a cover and excerpt - this sounds awesome!

Francesca Hawley said...

Thanks Tina. Syneca designed the cover and that's the handsome EC cover model Ryan who is featured!

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Fiona McGier said...

The best thing about shifter romance is you don't have to mess around with the human side of sex, wondering if you should, does he/she want it too, should you wait before the second date, etc. The scent gives it away and they just KNOW they belong together...so much less messy that way.

That's why I like to read them. I get bored with the dancing around inherent in so much romance. To some that builds the anticipation. Not for me.

Hot excerpt. Sounds like a new TBR for me.