Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nasty Girl

I've been searching for a theme for a contemporary story. I don't write much in the contemporary category. Not anymore. I used to write little short-shorts when I was married. They were definitely NOT romance. My ex used to ask me if I would change my name if I published them. *blink*

I heard an old song lately that put me in the erotica frame of mind. Nasty Girl, by Vanity 6. At first I just sang along and danced. (Insert my embarrassed pre-teen and  teenager yelling "Mom, no.") I just laughed. I was having fun. I knew all the lyrics, even if I'd been only six when the song released in 1982.

Then I realized Nasty Girl is a song about a woman seeking sexual liberation. The hook says:

Tonight, I'm living in a fantasy.
My own little nasty world.
Tonight, don't you want to come with me?
Do you think I'm a nasty girl?

Vanity sings to an imaginary man in the song. She won't tell him her name. (stranger sex) She wants him to play her game and be mysterious. (role play) She wants a man to have sex with her wherever she wants. (public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism) Half-way through the video she appears wearing a black teddy, black tuxedo jacket and a pair of black knee-high, heeled boots. (too many fetishes to list)

My mind is racing with the possibilities. I don't know if the story will be erotic romance or erotica. All I know is, it has to be HOT.

Speaking of hot, here is the cover for my new ebook, coming soon  from Ellora's Cave. The cover for Battling Rapture, was created by the fabulous Syneca. Battling Rapture isn't a contemporary story, but I think the cover and the story are five alarm.

Are there any songs that inspire you to be naughty? Give me a title and the image(s) that come to your mind.
I also won't be upset if you let me know you love my cover as much as I do. I wish it were in my hands so I could stroke Ryan (cover model) and call him "my precious". Excuse me while I go fan myself.



jean hart stewart said...

Love the cover!!! Don't need a song to urge me to be bad, that hunk is enough inspiration for me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean. I absolutely love the cover. I show it to everyone who will look. As for the hunk...you're right. no music needed.

Fiona McGier said...

Looks like an inter-racial romance...what time frame is it set in? I really like IR.

As for songs, I don't watch music videos, so I have to imagine my own scenes. Anything by Seal gets me in the mood, and once I'm there, I'll be as nasty as I'm allowed to be! Of course now that he's single, I can fantasize about him again, even though I'm still married!

Tina Donahue said...

Syneca does an absolutely amazing job!! Just received my cover for Losing Control - wow - it's awesome.

Love yours, Stormie - this looks like one steaming hot story!! :)

S.Lira said...

Wow, looks like a hot one Stormy!

Adding to my TBR! I love IR Romance

S.Lira said...

Oh and I recall that song!

Music inspires me as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
Battling Rapture is a futuristic erotic romance. I label it as IR, but technically the hero is an alien.

Seal, huh? I've never heard much by him. I'll have to explore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tina. I have been hoping for a Syneca cover. I really did have a serious problem for a few days as I just stared at the cover and made plans to go to Romanticon 2013.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharita Lira,
For my first published ebook, Enslaved in Desire, I relied heavily on music to find the right mood for tough scenes. With Battling Rapture I didn't have to. I was struggling with concept for the next WIP. I'm glad music could save the day.

I hope you find Battling Rapture as hot as I do. I had so much fun with the characters, Niki and Rhine.

Phae said...

I loved that song. Another song is In My Room by Ready for the World, that made me want to be a naughty girl. To have a boy in my room who was not my family, OMG! heh heh heh. I am checking Ellora's Cave weekly to see when your book is coming out.

Stormie Kent said...

Hi Phae, I loved Ready for the World! I will post here and on my blog when the book releases. Thanks.

Stormie Kent said...

Hi Phae, I loved Ready for the World! I will post here and on my blog when the book releases. Thanks.