Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Holiday Release

My newest M/M romance release, A Little Christmas Cheer, came out Friday. I'm happy about this one; it's the third story in A Little Series, about tow truck driver Braden Porter and mechanic Vince Gutierrez. Braden and Vince found each other in my story A Little Kiss, which released in February of this year, and improved their relationship in A Little Road Trip, which came out in July.

Now, in A Little Christmas Cheer, Braden, who is very closeted because he lives in the small town where he grew up, has to decide whether to ask Vince to move in with him, or take a chance on losing him. He's afraid that if Vince moves in, people will realize they're a couple. But they've been together for ten months, and maybe it's time to move things to the next level. He makes the decision during a trip to Boston to pick up a car one of his town's "summer people" has bought and doesn't want to go to Boston for.

Helping him along in the decision is an encounter with Lanny Hollister and Joel Turcotte, the heroes of my M/M novel Lost Soul. Hey, I can't help it if it's the same universe... and since Lanny works at a car dealership, it fit.

But what decision does Braden make? You'll have to read the story to decide.

A Little Christmas Cheer is available from MLR Press.

Braden Porter and Vince Gutierrez have been a couple for nearly a year. But because of Braden's fear of being outed, their relationship has moved slowly. Too slowly for Vince. Braden knows that if he doesn't take the next step and ask Vince to move in with him, he might lose Vince for good. A chance encounter during a towing job to Boston helps Braden make his decision, but will he dare to tell Vince his choice?


jean hart stewart said...

I do admire anyone tackling M/M or F/F stories. I love to read them, but haven't gotten the nerve to try writing one yet. Much success with this, Karenna

Tina Donahue said...

I love the cover of your newest release, Karenna. It sounds like a wonderful story. :)