Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Did They Know? When Did They Know It?

No, I’m not referring to the tragedy in Benghazi, but rather a couple of questions my editor kept asking as she edited Temptress of Time. Which, of course, got me thinking. Just when and how much of their past lives did my heroes remember and how did it impact their lives with my heroine.

I started writing Temptress of Time (originally titled That Other Diane) because I wanted to get more emotion into my stories. My editor had commented that many authors have difficulty with that aspect of their writing. The authors I most admire, however, don’t seem to have that problem. Even when I pay attention to how they phrase things, I just can’t quite get there.

Anyway, my editor’s questions about my heroes took the book in a slightly different direction from where it began. It  became more about my heroine’s journey and what she learned about herself.

As to whether or not I succeeded in evoking emotion…I’ll leave up to readers to decide. I’d love to have your feedback at: deebrice@sbcglobal.net.

Have a wonderful day.

Dee Brice


jean hart stewart said...

I find my heroes and heroines change all the time when I'm writing a book. I hope they're growing, because sometimes I barely recognize them! I think all writers have that problem, Dee.

Dee Brice said...

I think we do, Jean. Thanks for your input!

Tina Donahue said...

Conveying emotion on the printed page is, IMO, the hardest thing to do. If you read thrillers, mysteries, action/adventure, it's generally all about the plot, rarely about deeply felt emotions. That, to me, makes romance one of the hardest genres to write.

I love your cover, Dee - it's so beautiful and romantic.

May this be your best seller yet! :)