Saturday, October 6, 2012

Welcome to the Hunters' Game (Giveaway)

So, here we are in All Hallow’s month. I enjoy this holiday, it’s fun. For writer’s and readers, it’s a blast because you get such great stories to indulge in! Paranormal tend to be popular at any time of the year, but for Halloween, it seems like everyone goes that extra little bit for some spooky fun. We pull out the werewolf legends, the ghosts, the demons, and of course, vampires!

When I started writing professionally, I never envisioned become a paranormal author. I didn’t enjoy reading the genre, and I didn’t feel any real affinity for it. Much to my surprise, I wrote a piece of poetry back in 1984 called The Night Wind, and it evolved into a very short fiction framed by two poetics. Everyone who read it was enthusiastic and told me I should consider writing something longer in this style. I tinkered on and off with vampire tales for the next 20 years, then landed my first pro contract–with the genre I really DO love totally, Historical (in this case Western). As fate would have it, my second published work was a very sexy erotic paranormal, as part of a collection. Once again, the reviews were eye-opening and surprising to me. I seem to have a talent for this genre, even if it’s not my personal favourite. My current catalogue contains a very large number of paranormal titles, and most of them are vampires. Thing is, I don’t write nice vampires…when I write them, they’re decadent and often jaded, and they absolutely revel in their power and sexual allure.

A few months back, I hauled out that old story and had a good look at it. I’ve added a backstory, a third character as the primary prey of the couple who are the focus of the story, and a whole lot of sizzling sex. New Dawning Book Fair contracted the book, and the editor there helped me hone this story into something rather amazing. It’s hot, it’s dark, and it’s the kind of vampire tale that will make you wish for an encounter with a Demetri of your own… Do you dare to play the Hunters’ Game?

(Vampire, erotic)

In modern Toronto, two vampires stalk the night, their hunting a game that is seductive and deadly. In a darkly compelling Goth Club, they find the prey they seek for their pleasures, and the night runs crimson with blood and unquenchable thirsts....

Exclusive excerpt:

“Cliantha.” She searched the room for Demetri. The tingle within her began to fan outward, heat and longing growing more intense with each moment that he denied her. She looked up at Felix, her fingers trailing lightly over his arm. She leaned into him, creating a small circle of intimacy around them as she angled her body toward him.


She closed her eyes and shuddered, her body aching with arousal. Demetri’s voice inside her head was a caress, a promise of passion and madness to be indulged at their whim. His displeasure at her companion’s attention amused her, but she wasn’t foolish enough to disregard his annoyance. She smiled at the boy. Before she could utter a sound, Demetri appeared at her back.

“My love,” she murmured as he pushed aside the collar of her silk jacket and lowered his lips to the bared curve of her neck. A flush crawled up her spine and quivered in her stomach as she arched into him.

“Go.” The boy fled at Demetri’s quiet command.

Cliantha writhed when he pulled her hips snug to his.

“Why did you want to come here, Demetri?” Her voice became breathless as their bodies moved in subtle rhythm with the blaring music. She tried to turn, but he refused her movement.

Demetri’s hands shifted, slid under her jacket, and covered her breasts. His fingers teased rigid nipples, tugging the sensitive tips as he pressed more tightly to her. She guided his left hand to her thigh, making him murmur his approval. She raised her foot to the footrest then leaned away from him, invitation blatant.

He hesitated, so she moved his hand between her legs, shaking in anticipation of what he’d do when he encountered bare skin. Demetri’s right hand splayed across her stomach, held her immobile as he penetrated her moist depths, fingers burrowing into her flesh as she tried not to cry out her pleasure. She quaked in his arms, thrilled to his touch, her body caught in the crossfire of bloodlust and the desperate need to have him inside her.

“Fuck me, Demetri.” She cared nothing of their surroundings.

“In front of all these mortals?” His words were soft with amusement, reminding her of furtive glances being cast in their direction. Demetri’s expert fingers teased, gliding over hyper-sensitive flesh as he kissed the side of her neck and his tongue caressed the throbbing vein at the base.

“Tell me what you want, slut.” His voice was a commanding rasp next to her ear. His fingers pushed deeper into her pussy, sliding in and out in a rapid rhythm, while his thumb toyed with her clit.

“I have,” she gasped. “As talented as your fingers are, I want your cock. Fuck me until I can’t stand up!”

He bit into her neck, just enough to draw a drop or two of blood. His growl made her breath catch, and she moaned, her cunt clenching his stroking fingers. “Please... Demetri...”

* * * * *

Demetri’s fangs buried deeper into her neck, and he held her through the spasm of euphoria that shook her as he drank. Timing the sucking of his feeding to the easy rhythm of his fingers, he denied her the release she’d begged for, kept her on the edge of ecstasy.

The low, guttural rumble of Cliantha’s frustration added to the sweetness of her blood. When she attempted to break his hold, he gripped his captive tighter.

Demetri drew away from her neck, and his fingers slid free of her pussy. He turned her to face him and brought sticky fingers to his lips. He wiped the droplet of blood that clung to his mouth, and offered the bloodied finger to her. She sucked his finger into her mouth and her eyes closed. He pulled her deeper into the shadows. Her breaths were hoarse, and he held her close, sharing every tremor that passed through her.

“Come.” He sat at a table cloistered in darkness. She stood before him, tense, dazed, wanton desire in every rigid detail of her stance. Leaning back, he basked in her need for his possession.

* * * CONTEST * * *
Leave a comment about your favourite type of paranormal story, and you're entered for a giveaway of two of my vampire tales. We'll announce the winner on Monday morning!


Tina Donahue said...

wow - this is HOT!! thanks for sharing. :)

Denysé Bridger said...

Good morning, Tina - and thank you!! Have a wonderful weekend!!
Hugs ~ D

Teresa K. said...

OMG Denyse'

This was to hot to read early in the morning. You amaze me with the wonderful stuff you write.

I love you lady. Tell Kayden hello for me.

Teresa K.

Tore said...

My favorite paranormal story is the Twilight series. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Tore923@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Vampires, wewolves, all kinds of paranormal creatures are nice!

pc said...

Wonderful steamy excerpt...thanks for sharing! A definitely must read~ I love all sorts of paranormal but vampires and shapeshifters are my favorites!

jean hart stewart said...

Don't make me pick my favorite kind, please. I love the ones with lot of action, especially if it includes sex like yours did. Great excerpt...

flchen1 said...

I'm not sure I could choose just one favorite type of paranormal story--I think the main thing is that no matter how wild or scary or different the setting or characters, if the author can grab my emotions and help me find a connection, then I usually enjoy the story. That's what amazes and delights me about so many of these paranormal tales :)

Stacey Krug said...

My favorite paranormal romance always involves an alpha male of the alternative variety (vampire, werewolf, or other)paired with a strong female with issues.

Denysé Bridger said...

Well, tossed the names into a bowl and got my mom to pull a name - Teresa, you get the books! Will email you in awhile, and everyone - thank you SO much for all your kind comments!!!

Have a great week!
Hugs and Blessings to all ~ D