Saturday, October 13, 2012

My newest PRINT book
will be available at the Romanticon Book signing on October 14, 2012.

Its official release date will be November 23, 2012, and at that time it will be available through the Ellora's Cave website as well as Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other book sellers.  

Broken Rules is a compilation of two of my menage novellas, Double Your Pleasure, and Her Own Set of Rules.   

You can find the e-book form of these on my publisher's website.


Double Your Pleasure
Helen is working a latte shop just outside an upscale high-rise apartment in Manhattan. Switching shifts with her boss, she finds herself face-to-face with the most delicious, maddeningly arrogant men she’s ever met. He’s hot and sexy as hell, but the fact that he can’t lift his eyes from her chest is a strike against him.  Too bad he’s such a jerk…she would have loved to get to know him better. But as soon as he’s out of sight, she turns around to find another one, just like him, but this one looks her in the eye, and has a smile that takes her breath away. Dear Lord, there are two of them?

Jason and Jonathon Blackstone have the same taste in clothes, cars and women. Identical twins, they often trade clothes…and sometimes they even share their women. Jon may have seen her first, but Jace intends to be the man who gets her. Unfortunately, he may just end up having to share again, since the sexy coffee girl seems to want them both.

Her Own Set of Rules
Bored with her sex life with a husband she still loves, but who has the Saturday-night, three-minute orgasm—his—down to a fine art, Haley takes the first step on a journey of sexual discovery when Josh, younger brother of her closest friend, expresses a decidedly carnal interest in her. The result is more than she imagined in her raunchiest fantasies.

Josh has had a crush on Haley since he was a kid, gangly and too damn tall for his weight. But he isn’t a kid anymore, and he grew into his six foot five inches, plus some. He’s come back home for one thing only—for a shot at the girl he fell for when he was too damn young to do much about it.

But Harry’s not done with his wife—not when he finds out that inside that prim, repressed shell, she’s been hiding the sexual temptress he’s always hungered for. Now all Haley has to do is ask, and two men are ready to give her everything she wants.

Ellora's Cave just released
on September 26, 2012. 


Christine Lange once thought she’d found a white knight, only to learn there’s no such thing. And even though her world’s falling apart, she decides she really can make it on her own—until a gorgeous guy appears out of the blue, offering a helping hand. Christine grabs it, pride be damned. Surely her heart will remain safe...because Tonio’s gay. At least, she assumes so. Why else would a man who looks like that need a temporary wife?

Tonio needs a wife and the sexy redhead is perfect. She’s attractive, desperate…and since she doesn’t like men, there’s no danger of her falling in love with him. But Fate likes to play with those who tempt her, and an agreement to see to each other’s physical needs with "safe sex" soon has them scorching the sheets. Christine gives Tonio her body, but it isn’t long before he realizes what he really wants is her heart.

In the meantime
is coming out on October 23, 2012. 


This story is a sequel to Hallie’s Cats.

Cal wants a mate of his own. He knows she is out there—he can feel her. He desperately needs her.

Omegas are forbidden to mate in the Lykos pack. But one look at the golden leopard shifter in his human form is all it takes. He sets off something deep inside Jessie that she can’t deny. His touch is something she would to die to feel.

Dogs don’t mix with cats…but their human halves won’t be denied.

For excerpts on these three books, follow the links to Ellora's Cave and read them online. 

I am having a contest to win Licking Her Wounds. Come on over to my website and check out my "Contests" page.  Answer the question correctly in an e-mail, and you could win a free copy! 


Fran Lee


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your print book, Fran!! LOVE the cover for Never Tempt Fate. OMG, it is so sexy but also pretty. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Great blurbs and oh my gosh, great covers. Lots of luck with your print book. Love my e-books and don't want to put them down but it is nice to hold one in your hand.

Fran Lee said...

Thanks, ladies! I appreciate your comments!