Friday, October 19, 2012

Men That Inspire My Imagination

Sometimes you can just look at a man and see him as the perfect hero in a certain situation... at least I do. One of the fun things about being a writer. I don't just admire men for their good looks. I size them up for hero-quality.

The first hero-quality man on my list is Joe Thomas (note: Facebook link). I met him through Luis Rafael's facebook page (I'm a subscriber). Joe Thomas is YUMMY with a billboard-sized Y. I leave comments on all the pictures of him that Luis posts and I know Joe has gotta be laughing at me. But I don't care. Totally worth being silly over.

Joe Thomas is total shifter material. Not something as frail as a wolf. Not with that body. Maybe a bear or a tiger. I would love him as a tiger. But yeah, definitely one of the bigger carnivorous animals. I can't see him as anything else but a shifter. And while I don't have him in a story yet, it's on the horizon. :D

But Joe is my latest crush. Before him, I was all Luke Goss all the time. I first saw this man as Nomak in Blade II and then again as Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Is it sad that I was rooting for Prince Nuada to win? Somebody that good looking should never lose. It's not fair.

I actually have already used Luke Goss for a hero model for Lucien in my book Eris written under my other name. Lucien is an immortal and a very strong presence. I couldn't imagine any other model than Luke Goss. If the magical day comes that the book becomes a movie, I'm putting him being cast as Lucien as a clause in my contract. Yes, I dream big.

Not all of my hero inspirations are real men. Some are characters created for other people's stories. Either their look or the personality (or both) inspired me to find a heroine and a story from my universe that would suit them.

The first on that list is Sesshoumaru from the anime Inu Yasha. I love the strong (usually moody) silent type. He has a bad attitude and will kill someone at the drop of a hat, but that just makes him the perfect alpha male. I also love the way he looks. Anime boys can be so pretty. :)

Speaking of pretty anime boys, the next is Yue from Card Captor Sakura. Look out, it's another strong, moody silent type. What can I say? At least I'm consistent. Since his personality and looks are so close to Sesshoumaru (it's a staple anime archetype), I would probably end up amalgamating them to create my hero.

And what type of story would I put them in? Hmmm... it would have to be fantasy because he would be a magic user. He and the heroine would be reluctant partners (love that storyline). Above all, at no point would he stop being moody. No mushy declarations of love from this hero. In fact, talk of the softer emotions would make him moodier. The heroine would have to learn to interpret his grumpiness to discern his emotions.

It's a plot full of strife and arguments, but those are the stories I have the most fun writing. There are many, many other men in my list, but I'll save them for another time.

Zenobia Renquist
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Tina Donahue said...

All of them came up except for Joe. Now, I'm really curious as to what he looks like. :)

Zenobia Renquist said...

Tina - Joe's link is to Facebook, so you have to be logged in to see it. I should note that in the post. :P And he is totally worth logging in to see.

jean hart stewart said...

Love to look at hunky men. But there are so many out there, at least in the realm of our fiction. Mind is Lars on the cover of my first Elf book. The artist totally captured the man of my dreams.

Fiona McGier said...

I think almost all men can be sexy, given the right motivation. But my preference runs to tall, dark and rugged. Not everyone's cup of tea, but then we all have our favorites. Good thing too, since not all of us fit their idea of a perfect, sexy woman!

Zenobia Renquist said...

Jean - That is great that the artist captured your vision.

Fiona - I like's mine tall and huggable (as I call it). I don't want a guy who looks like he'll break if I squeeze him too hard. That's why the big muscle guys always get my attention.