Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Surprises, indeed!

Strange as it may seem, my publisher, Ellora’s Cave – the world’s largest publisher of erotica, is also one of the few remaining publishers of traditional Regency novels, under its Cotillion imprint. True. I’m pleased to say they’ve so far published one full length (Bertie’s Golden Treasure) and one novella length (Wagered Kiss) books of mine. This year, again, there are four shorter than book length stories which will be published as independent e-books, and will then also be available in early December as an anthology, with the appropriate title of Christmas Surprises.

The four books and release dates are: 10/11 - The Last Surprise by Blair Bancroft (1o/11);  Christmas Bequest by Barbara Miller (10/25); Double Masquerade by Kate Fox (11/1) and Change of Address by Kate Dolan (11/8). Miller and Dolan are two of the original Regency authors with Cotillion, and have each had stories in previous anthologies.         

Blair Bancroft is one of those multi-talented individuals who says, "Sometimes I just DO something without any rhyme nor reason. I’d never written ‘short’ before last year’s anthology, but it seemed like the right thing to do at that moment.” She writes in numerous genres, including steampunk.

She adds: “Just because it’s shorter doesn’t mean it’s easier. In fact,  maybe the opposite, as there’s not so much space in which to expand  on plot or characterizations. It’s just hero, heroine, conflict, resolution."  At first, she was worried that this year’s story The Last Surprise was too dark, as the bride wears black! But there is, after all ‘the Christmas light at the end of the tunnel.’   ISBN:  9781419942280        EC price: $3.45  
Barbara Miller lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her husband and dogs, and she also teaches at Seton Hill University. Barb writes mysteries, young adult and historical romances. She says: “I used to write longer novels because that’s what the publishers wanted. I made many false starts
before I got a book of (the right) length since some story ideas just won’t support multiple subplots and a host of characters. I have picked up and finished many of the stories I thought were dead ends because now it’s fine to write only 12,000 or 30,000 words. I do enjoy the shorter length especially during edits. It is a relief to let a story be as long as it needs to be.”

Then she adds, “For Christmas Bequest I was trying to think of a premise that would make someone hate Christmas, and losing your brother in the war certainly did in my heroine’s Christmas spirit. Of course she doesn’t want a marriage proposal from the hero when she is grieving. But his job is to pull her back from despair and he succeeds even before the surprise ending.”    ISBN: 9781419940774    EC Price:  $1.99

The other two stories are:

When a young lady masquerades as a male writer, and encounters a delightful book-seller, a Double Masquerade may be needed! 
                Kate Fox lives in California. 
This is her first book for Cotillion.                                    
ISBN:  9781419943355  EC Price:  $3.45

The tale of Amanda, her sister and Mother, who do indeed
have a Change of Address that is not exactly what it might 
appear to be, when assistance comes from the landlord’s son.

             Kate Dolan lives in Maryland.                                           
ISBN:  9781419942853     EC  price: $4.20

The print collection which will include all four stories, will be available in early December. The e-books are available from Ellora’s Cave, and (if not already) will also be available at all the usual e-tailers. 

Whatever --  Enjoy! 


Grace said...

Thank you for mentioning THE LAST SURPRISE and for the kind words. From Blair's alter ego, Grace.

Tina Donahue said...

I like Regencies - especially those where the heroine is naughty. Lots of fun. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Regemcies are a top favorite with me since I cut my reading teeth on Jane Austin. These sound great.

Kate Dolan said...

Thanks for sharing the news about our Regencies. I started writing them at just the wrong time from a commercial viewpoint, but from a creative perspective, it was ideal. EC/Cotillion editors have given me the freedom to write creative, fun stories that other publishers probably wouldn't have allowed. At the same time, they are very sensitive to historical accuracy. So I've been very happy working with them.