Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cavemen Anyone?

I was at RomantiCon this past weekend. I spend four days in Canton, Ohio at Ellora’s Cave annual conference with a whole crew of HOT MEN. Cavemen that are to die for. I will be going again next year - no way will I miss this con.

It was my first EC conference and I had the BEST time. There really are no words to say how great it was. From the minute I arrived with my travel buddies, J.K. Coi and Christine d’Abo, the fun, friendliness and festivities began. Stacey Kennedy, another Canadian author, is also in this photo.

The first night was a meet and greet where we met the Cavemen. Oh my! Such wonderful men that made everyone feel welcome. They were always ready for a smexy dance, to chat or pose for a photo. Not to mention their dancing each night that had us all on the edge of our seats. Sorry the pic is dark.

Zumba anyone? I didn’t do it in the scheduled classes, but wish I had now. I did it with a Captain and diet in one hand and my camera in the other on the dance floor at the Survivor party where I wore a hazmat suit as costume! I’m forever ruined to Zumba classes now if it is not led by an EC Caveman. Below is Nick Soto. He is the Alpha Caveman 2012 and ran the Zumba classes. It really wasn't hard to crush on these guys.

Fantasy cover shots. Yes, you heard right. We did them with the cover models. For me it took a lot of courage building and I finally did. I felt so dumb. But the next day I was all over it. I’d had a chance to get to know these wonderful men and picked my two fav’s for the shot. We were laughing at first and then when they crowded in around me, I was lost in the moment and digging it something fierce.
Rock-Hard Heat, my Naughty Nooner to Elemental Heat, won the 2012 Rising Star Gold Rush Award :) Many authors were presented awards that night and later had their photo taken with the Cavemen on stage. I did too, in my hazmat suit costume looking like a big marshmallow. Cassandra Carr is in this photo with me.

There were so many highlights, I simply cannot pick one. One last little photo treat for ya'll. Muscles and tats. Since I can't post all my pics here and there are so many to organize....stop by my website over the next little while as I upload them. www.cristalryder.com I also have some at my Facebook as well.
That is all.



Tina Donahue said...

Oh Lord - what eye candy. How did you keep from drooling long enough to talk to these awesome guys? :)

Cristal Ryder said...

It's hard, I tell ya. Not only are they great on the eyes, they are all so very nice. A great combination.
This was the best conference I have ever been too, for a lot of reasons.

jean hart stewart said...

Sheesh, I'd probably have melted into a puddle and missed all the action. What hot guys! Thanks for posting the pics

Anonymous said...

I'm a little teary eyed myself. I REALLY wanted to go to Romanticon this year. But, alas I couldn't make it. Maybe next year. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little teary eyed right now. I REALLY wanted to go to Romanticon. I couldn't. Maybe next year. Great pictures and congrats on the award.

Cristal Ryder said...

As hot as these guys are, they are even nicer and sweeter! I'll be posting more over on my blog and FB page, so keep checking in if you want to see more delish boy eye candy :)

Fiona McGier said...

Phew! They are enough to make me wish I was young and single again! But then I'd have been so busy "sampling" as many of them as I could talk into it, that I'd have missed the whole conference! Yeah, I was THAT naughty back then! (Grinning in fond remembrance of a youth not wasted, but truly enjoyed.)