Monday, September 10, 2012

The Museum of Sex in New York City

Francesca Hawley in front of the Museum of Sex.
I had the opportunity to travel to New York City in August for a BDSM writers' workshop held by Dr. Charley Ferrer. It was a wonderful experience. I met several other authors and learned so much there that when Dr. Charley hosts the workshop again next year, I would highly encourage anyone that writes BDSM romance and erotica to attend!

Before I left NYC, I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Sex. It was fun. Fellow EC author, Cris Anson and author Matthew Scrivens joined me in my trek to the museum.

Museum store
I admit to spending quite a bit of money in the Museum store but didn't make it down to the bar. Maybe on my next trip to NYC. The exhibits were interesting and all about sex. Cause, duh, it's called the Museum of Sex for a reason. Grin. I'll try to keep the images I include here fairly tame, but I plan to post more details at my blog, too.

internet searches
The first room we entered was dedicated to porn on the internet. What will you search for and what won't you look for using Google? They offered representations of the top 100 sex related searches. Pretty interesting stuff. And some of it was really weird.

street art
Yes, I blurred the images in the list of searches. You get a glimmer of what it really is but I edited it. In the museum, sex is graphic, in your face, and fun. That's something I really liked about the place. They pull no punches and I respect that.

There was a gallery featuring street art which was kind of cool and another gallery featuring sex in the natural world which included sculptures of sex in the wild. Here a couple of female bonobos are rubbing on each other.
deer menage

It isn't just humans who enjoy a little three-way action either. Here's a depiction of a deer menage a trois. Who knew? I had no idea deer got together for a threesome. And note - this is m/m/f action! Those are some big bucks - I'm amazed she's still on her feet.

signs of a masturbator
And of course one must learn about the history of sex too. Like chastity devices and depictions of the moral and mental decay of masturbators. There were some cool vintage images of historical French nudie girl post cards and historical pin up girls.

There were even a couple of galleries that were closed and being remodeled. As a whole, the museum was really kind of cool. Lots of stairs though. I didn't see an elevator, though there probably was one somewhere. Make sure you have your walking shoes on, but be sure to visit the Museum of Sex if you're ever in New York City. You'll learn a lot cause I sure did. I'll post a few more pics on my blog when I get a chance.

So have I whetted your appetite? Are you ready to go hang out there? I'd head back in a minute. Grin.


Fiona McGier said...

Sounds like an interesting place. Considering how important sex is to the continuation of our species, I'm always disappointed that it gets so little respect...instead, it's called "dirty", and people try to pretend they don't do it, or even think about it. We don't use the toilet in public either, but you don't hear religious people railing about how extended bathroom visits are evil! Why on earth such a normal bodily function can be so twisted by some folks, and so demonized, is really beyond me!

Francesca Hawley said...

Fiona - what a great observation. But you do get people talking about bathroom habits being dirty. It's just not demonized the way sexuality is.

Maggie Rivers-Author said...

Thanks for sharing, Francesca. You always do visit such unique places. Can't wait to hear more!