Monday, September 10, 2012

September With Kristal

Dear Sweet and Sexy Divas Readers,

This month I released the first Episode of the wrestling erotica short stories with Fanzine. Out now on callingspots.com for just $3.

But, I released a deeper truth that I wondered if all of you felt or noticed. Creative writing, even Romance is about drawing emotions out of your reader and taking them on a journey.

We as a group of people are a hybrid. We have to know the trends, to communicate with audiences and how to market our products. In this day and age it's not an easy feat.

Through our stories, novels and books we bare our souls to the world. We give them the outreach we all need sometimes, even if we don't realise it. Our lives ate between those pages. The lives we wished we have.

Many of us are the unseen masters of other worlds and we as authors, writers and readers should take pride in this. Stand by this and help each other.

If you want to help those you admire. Tweet them on twitter. Rt book plugs, leave HELPFUL reviews on Amazon and other book selling sites. Believe in each other as we are making the world a better place.

We inspire and help mold the minds Of the future. The independent book scenes just started to get noticed and it's our job to get it notice.

Believe in our streams of readers and lets work together to help keep the independent book world alive.

Kristal McKerrington

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