Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello everyone.
The New Romance Writers conference was in mid-August and just before it I had a burst of submitting – a book called The Bachelor Prince.  Just after conference I got 3 offers for the same book from 3 different publishers.  My oh my it was a tense time, waiting, wondering what to do, but in the end I was ecstatic to receive an offer from Entangled Publishing for my Bachelor Prince manuscript.  It was a fun day.  You know how they go, you’re out all morning busy doing ‘normal’ stuff, i.e. not writing related and then I had to pick up a couple of writer friends – we meet weekly to talk about our works-in-progress.  Well… says I – “can I just check my emails on your computer before we go”
So I duly checked them – without my reading glasses I must add, and low and yippee behold there was confirmation of a contract offer from Entangled.  There was much jumping up and down, squealing, and crying, this repeated when I had to get my girlfriend to re-read the email as I couldn’t focus without said glasses.
Then of course I had to reply too, I typed, she spell checked my typing – I really must remember to take glasses with me EVERYWHERE!
The afternoon was spent with my writer friends who really are the ones who REALLY understand what this all means, and of course downing a bottle of champagne for lunch!  So much fun.
Since then it’s been a hectic couple of weeks doing the revisions requested – 12 hour days for 11 days straight.  But it’s done and dusted now, until the next round LOL.
But it’s great news and I’m very excited about it all.  No release date yet, but I’ll yell it from the loudest rooftop when I hear.
But now I get on to Murphy’s law.  When a person is not busy (am I ever not busy???) Anyway, here I am in my revision cave frantically spending hour upon hour hunched over the keyboard and what do I want to do.
Housework.  Yes.  Sad I know, but I was craving housework, wanting to fluff and move furniture around.  Why is it that you want to do what you can’t do when you don’t have the time to do it?  It’s like housework became part of the ‘grass is greener’ syndrome.  Does that make me one sad puppy, wanting to do housework?  I even imagined myself in my little apron dusting.    Yes, definitely sad.
So now the revisions are off and tomorrow is a FREE day what will I do?
Housework – maybe.
I was thinking about paying bills
Na… maybe I’ll read a book

So the question is, am I normal?  What do you do when you have down time from your hectic life?  And do you have a craving for housework when you’re busy doing other stuff?  (Really I’m sure I’m odd on that score!)

Happy reading everyone


Tina Donahue said...

WTG, Jane!! Major congrats on your newest contract. That's awesome! :)

jean hart stewart said...

I can't say I do housework.. I read, read, read. If you feel the urge I've got plenty of housework you can borrow!

JaneB said...

Thanks Tina, and Jean, i don't really need any more housework LOL - the sad thing is i even thought about cleaning windows!

One very sad puppy!


JaneB said...

Thanks Tina, and Jean, i don't really need any more housework LOL - the sad thing is i even thought about cleaning windows!

One very sad puppy!


Taryn Elliott said...

That's usually my avoidance tactic for edits. I go into a cleaning frenzy or decide that it would be the perfect time to redo my website. LOL

Congrats on the contract! welcome to Entangled. ;)

Toni Kenyon said...

Hi Jane,
Congratulations on your latest contract with Entangled. I can understand the 'housework' obsession when you have a few hours to spare! Maybe it's about getting moving after spending all those prolonged hours hunched over the keyboard...
Don't forget too, that we're coming into Spring here in the Antipodes, so there's the 'cleaning out the nest' syndrome going on as well :)

Fiona McGier said...

If I ever got an urge to do housework my family would be checking to see if I'd been replaced by an android! And to be sure the sun and moon were still up where they belong, because it would seem like a Twilight Zone episode!

Down-time? Never...I work multiple jobs. I try to stay up late at night to write, but then the school district calls at 5:45 and I'll have to work both jobs for a 15-hour day, on 3 hours of sleep! I squeeze in writing and promo when I can, and my family likes to see me every now and then also. Sigh...

Congrats on the new book and good luck with sales!

JaneB said...

Hi Taryn, thanks for popping by. I reckon when i'm deep in the writing cave i get housework withdrawl symptoms. Very sad!


JaneB said...

Trouble is Toni this nest only has one 'cleaner' - me!


JaneB said...

Hi Fiona. Are you sure you're not a robot on everyready batteries! But i get it. I work 2 jobs too, plus keeping the home front fires burning.

Thanks for popping by

Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! Jane, I always have a need to vacuum when I'm busy writing. Of course, when I'm done writing, I'd rather read! :-)

JaneB said...

Jennifer, reading is good. I just read Nicola Marsh's (Indulgence) Not the Marrying KInd.

Loved it.

Amy Andrews said...

While I get the need to procrastinate and yes, even the dusting looks good in those moments, I try to channel into good (reading, sleeping, shopping, catching up on tele) rather than evil - housework....

Mega congrats on your contract with Entangled! Love the title of your book!

Shar said...

Congratulations Jane on your newest contract with Entangled! They're doing amazing things in romancelandia

JaneB said...

Amy and Shar, thanks for stopping by. Shopping does sound a whole lot better than housework, Amy