Friday, September 14, 2012

Announcing another edition to the Travers Brothers Series, Book 5 of the series

by Rita Hestand

Yepper, you asked for it, now you are gonna get it. Already written chapter one of Sammie Jo's story, so stayed tuned as this will take you for a ride. 

Unable to cope with her grandfather's death, her father's illness, and her best friend and cousin moving off to college, Sammie Jo feels she must do something daring herself. So she does something no one expects, she moves to Alaska to run a "saloon". The Night N Gale Saloon has a new owner. Sammie Jo is convinced that she can bring so much to the community , and avoid the depression that sets in once winter comes. Oh, did I forget to mention there is a cute Deputy Sheriff who caught her breaking into the saloon the first day on the job? 

The new title is Avalanche of the Heart.

I hope you all enjoy this book.  

I also hope you will join me  September 19-22 and the end of summer bash at TRS. I want you to come and visit as I'll be showing off my latest books. And let you in on the new series I'm starting too.
Here is a couple of covers, one is brand new for Wandering Heart and the other is my latest release, Ask No Tomorrows (a sweet historical romance).



Tina Donahue said...

Your series sounds wonderful, Rita. May you have many happy sales! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Great covers! Much luck with your new book...

Redameter said...

Thanks Tina and Jean, well, I had so much fun with the Travers Brothers, I decided I would try it with sisters. So my next series will have four sisters and the oldest girl has a daughter too, so I figure I could squeeze 5 books out this one too. I am going to finish my Amory series soon so that one will be coming out. Mail Order Nanny, although I have found that one hard to write for some reason.

Thanks so much for your support.
Love and blessings

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Hey Rita, girl.Wow, book 5 in the series...amazing. That's a lot of books for a series. I wish you every success with your series.

Redameter said...

Thanks Sarah, well, the readers ask for the next book in the series and since Sammie Jo has been a character throughout the books and in every book, I decided they needed to know more about what happened to the precious little baby in the first book of the series. Sammie Jo is as full of as much starch as her mother and father and she's trying her best to handle the death of her beloved Papa Cal and the illness of her father, Deke Travers. But illness is not something she handles well. And selling the ranch hurts too much to watch so she does what any red-blooded American girl would do, she goes where no one would expect her to go, the wilds of Alaska, to find a new home, new life for herself.

While researching Alaska I found that it's almost like stepping back in time, they still use outhouses. They don't all have electricity, they cook on wood stoves, and they are some of the lonliest people in the world as the snow and bad weather isolates them so much.

I had not planned on writing this one, but once readers started requesting it, I felt I had to oblige. It's a new generations of Travers. And she has plenty of cousins to expand on if I really get wound up.

However, I'm already starting another contemporary series on four sisters who are about to inherit a fortune from their father, all they have to do is go back home and live there a year. Boy does this ever put a kink in some plans. However, they will not get the money unless they abide.

Then I'm finishing the Amory series, with Mail Order Nanny. What does a man do when his three adorable girls hire a nanny by mail order?

Then the last thing I'm working on is another historical series with five prostitutes gone good as mail order brides. So I'm busy to say the least. But I do have a start on all of them so it will be interesting to see which one I finish with first.

Glad to say my imagination has not stopped. LOL

Love and blessings