Monday, August 20, 2012

Have you met-a-phor that doesn't make sense?

Metaphors---we all use them in speech in and in writing so I thought I'd have some fun with some common metaphors that if you really think about it, don't make a heck of a lot of sense.

Walking on eggshells, which is a metaphor for talking to someone who has a bad temper in which the slightest sound or disturbance may send them off into the Kingdom of Royal Pissdom.

Take a bunch of egg shells and spread them all over the floor, then try walking on them. You can't. Whatever you do, you're going to make noise, crack the shells, make a mess and your efforts to not disturb the raging maniac you're in the room with becomes obselete. Not to mention, if said pissed off person hates a mess around them or the crackling noise, they may go all Terminator on you (ah, just used a metaphor for an angry person, but this I can visualize...an unreasonable anger-management candidate getting all Terminator like).

The elephant in the room is a metaphor for people to ignore a serious issue that exists and they don't want to talk about. I don't know about you, but if there were an elephant in the room, I'd get the hell out of there. Seriously, how can one ignore it? Unless you're real handy with a gargantuan pooper scooper, and even then, I wouldn't want to be standing behind one.   

Nose to grindstone is a metaphor for work hard. Now tell me, how easy is it to work with your face pressed against a grindstone? Not to mention it would be severely painful. Of course if your goal is to get a cheap new nose job...

Rolling in dough references someone who has a lot of money. First of all, if someone is a bazillionaire, they'd probably have a full staff to roll around in dough, mud or a vat of Jello. Secondly, making dough is simple and cheap to do...flour, water, eggs and yeast.

Eats like a bird is used to describe someone who doesn't eat much. Birds need a ton of energy to fly and look for food, prey on smaller birds and they take up residence at bird feeders without paying rent. They eat a LOT and often. Besides, I don't know many people who perform face plants in their dinner plates.

Foot of the mountain. That would entail some kind of pedicure, wouldn't it? Mountains are massive and I don't think a foot could hold  a mountain up easily, perhaps one can say, foot of the mohill?

Clean as a whistle. As long as nobody has already blown into a whistle, because if they did, I certainly wouldn't want to be metaphored  as my house having saliva all over it.

Have you ever met-a-phor that gives you a visual and makes you think..."Huh?"

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Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Selena. I especially like the 'nose to the grindstone' picture you painted. :)

Selena Robins said...

Thanks, Tina. Glad you enjoyed the blog and visual I painted. :)

Tim Smith said...

Very clever, Selena. I'd like to add "a butt-load of money," implying wealth. Sounds uncomfortable as hell to me.

Selena Robins said...

LOL Tim. Good one! Glad you enjoyed the post.