Monday, August 13, 2012

Erotica, Surgery and TV

Dear Sweet and Sexy Diva's Readers,

What a month I've been having!

 As many of you might have seen I missed my spot last month for I was dealing with the complication of my surgery I had on my jaw less then two weeks ago. When they tried to fix my jaw's ball joint sockets. I broke one side and wore down the other. Just continual hassle.

I have been working on my first print release called 'The Tennessee Prince and His Princess' coming out with That's Right Publishing in August. So during the the pain stuff with my jaw, I have been working hard on getting the book up to scratch too.

On another note we have been working on a possible TV show we hope to see coming to something in the beginning of next year.  Its called 'Romance and The Wrestler'.  A platform we hope to use to promote the romance industry and the wrestling one too.  A bridge I'm sure is going to be scary and having both sides biting there nails to see if it might work. Bringing two big industries worth a lot of money for both sides to bank on.

I'm sure we will have even more updates coming soon. With more books planned and more ideas coming out of me, you never know where this might lead. Make sure you keep yourself checked into the McKerrington's Monthly blog spot.

MCKERRINGTON FACT: 'I love my coffee'

Kristal McKerrington 


Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

So sorry to hear you've been having complications with your surgery, Kristal. Hope your recovery gets better and that your TV show launches without any hitches.

Best of luck, sweetie.

jean hart stewart said...

Hope your surgery fixed your problems. The new project sounds exciting...