Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of a Series... Or Is It?

It all started with a deadline and a question mark.

I've told people before that I never intended CHARMED LOVER to turn into the Caveat Emptor Series. I had a deadline approaching and dug through my list of started books to find a story I could finish with a minimum of fuss. CHARMED LOVER, at the time with no title, jumped out at me. It was half written and the plot lent to being a novella. A quick little piece about a vampire not being in control of the relationship as is the norm for Vampire Romance.

Everything was going great until I typed the last sentence -- a question. One simple question that I couldn't get past to save my life. I decided to take a chance. I held my breath and sent it off to my editor, hoping for the best. She replied asking if I planned to leave it hanging like that. And then I heard my muse laughing in the back of my mind.

My muse set me up. Seven books later, I see that now. When I replied to my editor, I told her of course I wasn't going to leave it hanging like that and I had other books planned. No, I didn't but my muse was working on fixing that. Within a day, I had an overall plot of three couples trying to make love work during the vampire-mage war and premises for the rest of the books. The Caveat Emptor Series was born.

Books 1 - 6 of the series all end with a question mark (ie - a cliffhanger), continuing the trend of the first story. They are written as couplets (two books per couple) meant to be read in order since one book flows naturally into the next.

Caveat Emptor means Buyer Beware. I named the series that because Ryver (the first heroine of the series) bought Theron and ended up getting WAY more than she bargained for in the process. Sicily (the second heroine in the series) had to use her body as payment for Lamon's protection, and Medusa (the final heroine in the series) had to decide if remembering her past was a fair price for continuing her future with Darius. Each heroine paid a price for a love that had no guarantees.

Ryver & Theron

Charmed Lover
4 Stars

Trapped Lover
4 Stars
Sicily & Lamon

Provoked Lover
4 Stars

Anguished Lover
3.5 Stars
Medusa & Darius

Forgotten Lover
4 Stars

Determined Lover
4 Stars
Finale with All 3 Couples

Eternal Lovers
(New Release)

In this world, the humans are caught in an on-going conflict between the vampires and the mages. There are those who want to live together in peace and those who think fighting is much more profitable. Follow three couples as they struggle with love during this unstable time.

Read the FULL first chapter of each book in the series:

Special Note: For a limited time get CHARMED LOVER (the book that started it all) for a reduced price at Changeling Press.

And why the added "Or Is It?" in the title? Because my muse tossed a spin-off at me. A single story involving a menage couple that develops after the dust settles in ETERNAL LOVERS. I'm halfway finished with that novella. Once I do finish, that should be it for the Caveat Emptor series... I hope.

Zenobia Renquist
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Tina Donahue said...

How awesome to have so many books in one series - major congrats! :)

Zenobia Renquist said...

Tina - Thanks!

Fiona McGier said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes even though we are the ones doing the writing, the stories "use" us to tell themselves? Call it your muse, or "the voices in your head"...either way we don't seem to have a choice when the story demands to be told, right?
Congrats and good luck with the series! I do love inter-racial romance!

Zenobia Renquist said...

Fiona - That is so the truth. I call it my muse and she's a hard task master when it comes time to tell the stories she wants told.

Thanks for the congrats.

~ Zenobia