Monday, July 9, 2012

Feeling Good About Yourself

I spent this past weekend being a diva.

Even though I write full-time, my life isn't usually glamorous. I have two kids, two cats, and a husband, not to mention a house to keep clean. And writing isn't always all that relaxing. I am a diva, but sometimes that's hard to remember.

So I reminded myself. For the entire weekend, instead of being tired and run-down, I put all my efforts into reminding myself just how attractive, sexy, and sassy I can be. I bought clothes--including a couple lacy little things from Frederick's of Hollywood--and got a mani-pedi. I stayed overnight in a hotel and just relaxed and let myself do absolutely nothing.

Even divas have times when life gets in the way. Families, jobs, etc. can all interfere with feeling like the sweet and sexy diva you are. Sometimes all it takes to feel better is one outfit, or a new hairstyle, or a mani-pedi. Something to say to yourself and everyone who sees you, "Hey, I'm gorgeous, I'm sexy, and I own it."

June was a busy month for me; I had three releases. (Links are at the end of this post.) So I really, really needed the time to treat myself like the amazing woman I am. And I hope all of you--woman or man--remember to do the same for yourself.

So, those new releases I mentioned:
On June 16, my heterosexual werewolf novel Beta Test was released from Passion in Print Press.

On June 27, my M/M fantasy novella Bishie Sparkles was released from Dreamspinner Press.

And on June 29, my M/M contemporary short story A Little Road Trip was released from MLR Press,

All three are also available on Amazon.com and All Romance Ebooks, among other third-party retailers.


Tina Donahue said...

Good for you for indulging yourself, Karenna. Sounds wonderful. And major congrats on your releases - three in one month - wow!! :)

Karenna Colcroft said...

Thanks, Tina. Yeah, sometimes I get stuck in release clusters...

Fiona McGier said...

When I need to get away I bring the husband with me! What good is a hotel overnight with no one to share breakfast in bed with?

KarennaC said...

Fiona, I see your point! Sometimes I just need time to myself... Plus hubby had to work all weekend, so he wouldn't have been able to go even if I'd wanted him to.