Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who's the Smartest?

For some reason my mind had dredged up an old story. It goes like this… An Indian and a white man were walking along a busy New York street. The white man strolled along, confident in his superiority over his companion and the others they passed. Suddenly the Indian stopped, a pleased look on his raised face. “Just hear the mockingbird sing! Isn’t it beautiful?” The businessman strode along, his voice almost a sneer. “Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t hear a bird’s song in the midst of all this traffic.” The Indian said nothing, but a few steps further along he took a quarter from his pocket and dropped it. The other man stopped short, turned around and peered at the pavement. “You can’t?” the Indian said as he kept walking with a smile on his face. What’s the point? There are several here, you choose the one that pleases you. To me, it’s all about choices, and how many times we miss the beauty around us by thinking of nothing but our busy, busy lives. I’d love to know what this little fable says to you. And of course I have to close with an excerpt from one of my latest releases, Fiery Pursuit. From Ellora’s Cave, it’s my first erotica..
* * * * * He sat upright in the chair and pulled her toward him until she stood between his legs. “I don’t have the strength to deny you, my love. May the gods forgive me but you’re irresistible. Come to me now, my Sophie.” He hauled her to him, slipping his erection from the flap in his trousers, and settling her with her knees on each side of his hips. His easy access fired him anew, and with throbbing pleasure Lars set about getting her ready for him. To his delight, she was already warm and wet under his probing fingers. Pulsing and hot to his touch. He parted her folds and massaged her most sensitive spot, delighted when she started to buck against his fingers. “Sophie, my love, hold still so I can pleasure you into wanting me as much as I want you.” He set about loving her with every skill he possessed. His hands caressed her body, his lips moved incessantly from one spot to another, his hips without control as he pressed against her again and again. She gasped and took hold of his about to explode penis, fingering it with an almost awe. Lars was aghast at the thought of coming without at least trying to give her pleasure, so he pulled her down on him and surged into her, hoping she was as ready as he. She was. They climaxed quickly and simultaneously. Stunned with overwhelming sensation, Lars held her clutched to him, not wanting to ever lose the joy of having her an intimate part of him. If they could only be forever linked like this. She collapsed against him, still shuddering as she put her head on his shoulder. “Oh my. I’m sure I can sleep now. That was beyond wonderful. I had no idea, none at all of how joining could be with the right man. Thank you, Lars.” She started to lift herself from his lap but he grabbed her hips and held her still. Her body still clenched his but he held rigidly to his objective. “Sophie. Please, will you marry me?” She reared back and stared at him. “Of course not, Lars. You don’t want to be married anymore than I do. You’re again being the noble person you always are. I must avenge my father before I even think of anything else.”


Tina Donahue said...

What a great opening to your blog, Jean. I can picture someone on Wall Street hearing money falling but not a bird singing.

Congrats on your first erotic release. Love the cover and the excerpt is fantastic. May you have many happy sales!! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks so much, Tina. It's fun to write erotica...