Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweet N Sexy Soulful Quotes

If you're like me, your calendar has filled up with weddings, graduations, and summertime parties. The moments you used to have for kicking back and reading are few and far between.

For me, time is precious and I know I'd like to spend those precious moments reading books I can't put down. Where the hero is strong enough to whisk me from my face-paced, chaotic life and light me afire with the sensual, slow burn of his heated touch and whispered words.

Sound like something you'd be interested as well? Then look no further.

The books I feature are from authors who were not afraid to be soulful, sappy, and/or suggestive when it came to their heroes. So, grab a seat, and pick up a pen and paper (or fire up your eReaders) so you can add these to your TBR collection.

Happy reading!

“I’m supposed to protect you,” Lucan murmured.

Cara rested her hands on his muscular chest and nodded. “You are.”

“Then who protects you from me?”

Before she could begin to understand what he meant, his mouth covered hers. His lips were firm, insistent as they moved over hers seeking, devouring. She was powerless to pull away as she sank under his spell, her desire flaring to life like dry wood on a fire.

She clung to him, her hands fisting in his tunic as he pulled her against him. A moan tore from her throat at the feel of his hard body and his arousal that pushed against her stomach.
~ Donna Grant, Dangerous Highlander

“You make me crazy. I’m so crazy about you. I can’t help it.”

“Oh shit.” A lightning bolt of pleasure flashed through her. Gina gasped and let her head fall back, abandoning her body to the ecstasy that coiled low in her belly, poised to strike. She moved above him, grinding to a rhythm only she could hear. “Please…please don’t.”

“I don’t want to,” Frank confessed. His mouth was hot and hungry against her skin. “God knows I don’t want to be, Gina.”

“You can’t.” A sob rose in her throat.

“Can’t help it.” He kissed her, his lips soft and unbearably sweet. “Can’t stop it. I think I might lov—”

She caught the word with her lips and swallowed before he could finish. It wrapped its tentacles around her battered heart and squeezed. She parted her lips, sighing into him as she tasted the tang of tenderness on his tongue as he framed her face in his hands. His t-shirt bunched in her hands, her nails threatening the integrity of the thin cotton. Thick muscles huddled in broad, strong shoulders.

At last his arms wound around her, holding her tight as his lips clung to hers. “No. Oh no,” she whispered.
~ Margaret Ethridge, Inamorata

Faolan tossed his head against her words, as he strode another step closer. “Don’t lie to me, woman. I have seen your aura. I can see into the depths of your heart. I believe ye are a bit more then something special. Now tell me who and what ye are.”

Ciara dropped the towel to the floor. With a delicious shiver, her skin tingled, not just from the heat of the fire but from desire for the man in front of her. His calling up of the storm had stirred her blood more then she cared to admit. It had been centuries since she’d seen such power rage within a mortal man. The time for words and explanations was over. She wanted Faolan deep inside her and she wanted him now.

Reaching up, she untied the ribbon holding back her curls. She let the abundant tresses fall like ribbons to her waist and tumble over her curves. She held Faolan locked within her gaze and eased across the room. Tracing her hand up his chest, her body molded against his, she nuzzled against the sweet, salty warmth of his neck. “I am your wife. I am here to make your life complete. Now cease this incessant talking and take me.”
~ Maeve Grayson, The Highlander's Fury

Carter looked down at the angelic face of the girl under his arm. The relaxed smile thatgraced her face made his heart swell. That smile he knew was for him and him alone. Cartertook a breath and tried to figure out where to start. He’d been trying to work out exactly how toask her, and given the circumstances, he wasn’t sure what he would do if she said no.

“What do you think about staying with me?”

“What do you mean?”

He saw her peek over her shoulder at Jesse and Eli, like maybe they knew what he wastalking about. They did, but both men just kept walking. Only at the last minute before sheturned her face back to Carter’s did Eli wink at her.

“I mean, sweetie, I want you to stay with me, in my motorhome.”

The questions in her head were apparent on her face, but Carter held in his chuckle.


There was a slight scrunch to his face and he shook his head. “Not…just tonight.”

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?”

“No, Gorgeous, I’m not,” he said, now with a completely straight face. Carter wanted her by his side for so many reasons, but after the events of the morning had unfolded, it had become a need to have her beside him. He’d tried since the minute he met her to keep his protective side under control. That was over. Molly had given herself to him, she was his now to protect, to love.

“For how long?” She tilted her head to the side.

Carter could tell she was connecting the dots of his plan, but wanted reassurance, instead of assuming the answers.

“I would have waited, Molly, given you more time to get used to this, to us. Let your family get to know me better. Let Brody calm down. But there’s not time for that now, sweetie. I want you with me, I have to keep you safe. I know your family can and will, but…that’s my job now. I love you.”
~ Amy Gregory, Racing To Love

Renee Vincent is an award-winning author of historical and contemporary romance.


Tina Donahue said...

“Then who protects you from me?”

Love it. :)

Great series, Renee. Keep 'em coming!

Lorie Langdon said...

Great quotes, Renee! I especially love the first one - very Johanna Lindsey-esq. And who can resist a hot man in a kilt?
I may have to pick that novel up today! :)

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

I loved that line too, Tina.
Donna Grant writes great historical romance! I love her work. And she definitely knows how to write a great kilted hero!

You will not be disappointed, Lorie. Thanks for coming by and checking out my picks for the summer.

Amy Gregory said...

I agree... "Then who protects you from me?" wow! That's a great line :) Thank you ladies for letting me be a part of Sweet N Sexy Soulful Quotes! I truly appreciate it..

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

No worries, Amy! It was wonderful to feature you and your book. So proud of you and your new release.

Victoria Roberts said...

Love all of the quotes! You rock, Maeve Greyson!

Kathleen O said...

I'm with "Well who's going to protet me from you" quote...Love it

jean hart stewart said...

Love your quotes....what a great way to start the day with such sexy excerpts....Thanks...

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Victoria Yes, our fellow CHRW member rocks, big time!

Kathleen I so agree with you! Such a great line and soooooo Alpha male.

Jean You are most welcome. Nothing like a few sexy excerpts to get a body moving.