Thursday, June 28, 2012

Has this ever happened to you?

Well now, it looks like I've hit a first - my mind went blank while working on an erotic scene! lol I just stuttered and came to a stop.

I took a break, then got back into the story, only to find that I couldn't continue.

Has this happened to you? As erotic romance writers, the *erotic* scene is one of your most important parts of the story.

Man, it's one thing to have writer's block, but erotica block??

After giving it some thought, I realized that there is a limit to the different ways the hero and heroine could intimately engage themselves in. I admit that I"m a straight-up one man, one woman author, but as I see the increase in menage, kink, tasteful taboo, BDSM, unusual toys, etc., I wonder if I'm missing something.

Do I branch out in order to snare more readers? Or do I stick with what I know?

I admit that the thought of putting together a menage or understanding the needs of a submissive are a bit daunting, but I'm an adventurous gal, so I may give these other erotic situations a look-see. In the meantime, I now have an almost complete WIP crying out to me to finish the 3 hetero-sexual erotica scenes that somehow dried up. LOL

Once I get this WIP done, I'm gonna do some exploring - does anyone have any favourite books that encompass the more curious aspects of erotic romance that they can recommend?  ;)

On a personal note, this will be my last blog post for the next little while. I have medical issues to get through, so decided ot take a break until I can get these resolved. It's not serious, thank God, but still annoying. Maybe I'll get my WIP done! :)


Tina Donahue said...

I've hit the wall many a time until I realized it was the emotional stuff during the sex scenes that makes it all flow (and read) better. So now I focus on the intimacy rather than the mechanics.

I also know what you mean about menages. Never thought I'd write one - never intended to - and then bam, SiNN came along. I kept trying to keep Toby (secondary hero) out of the mix, but he kept pushing his way in. When the story needs to be a menage, you'll know. :)

Best of luck to you. Hope you're back soon.

Stormie Kent said...

This happens to me when the character needs a sweet sex scene. They are the hardest for me. I just recently read some stories that were pure erotica and not erotic romance. You should read some of that, too. It is interesting, erotic romance sex scenes focuses on the connection between the participants. Erotica seems to show a snapshot of each participant's sexual journey.It feels to me as if they're connecting with themselves and the other person is incidental.

Good luck and get well soon.

Fiona McGier said...

I had the same problem with Undercover Lovers, where I had 2 men pursuing the woman, but one of the men was relatively inexperienced, so he'd never agree to share, even with his close friend. I agonized over this for weeks! I finally thought up a solution.

I find that when I go to sleep thinking about scenes I often wake up with the whole thing playing out in my mind. I'm a big believer in dream-writing! If only I could learn how to type in my laptop while I sleep! ;-D

Good luck with the medical issues. Hope things get resolved quickly and painlessly. It seems to me as we age the little pains creep up more and more, until we hardly remember waking up pain-free, and NOT having to stretch everything experimentally to see what will hurt today!

Ann Harrison said...

I tend to hit the wall more because of interruptions than anything. Little kids climbing up my leg for more apple when I'm into the hot and heavy can really blow it. (I do day care from home and write at my kitchen bench).
Read some of Rhiann Cahill and Lexxie Couper, Sami Lee and Jess Dee if you want to see some hot stories that work well.
Good luck with your health issues.

Charlene Roberts said...

Hi ladies,

Tina, I like your point about concentrating on the emotional stuff! I'll work on that when I get to the WIP. And that's funny about SiNN - never intended to write it, but it shows up anyway.

Stormie, I never thought about looking at the erotica from a *purist* point of view - I'll look into that.

Fiona, I hope I don't I get into that situation; with experience being unbalanced between 2 men (or women) chasing the same guy/girl, that would be agonizing to work out! sounds like a challenge! :)

Ann, thanks for the suggestions! I'll look into those books.

And thank you all for your well wishes - when the body has been abused for so long, it finally snaps instead of bends. It's the only one we've got; let's show it more TLC. I admit when I found out about the problem I thought "Oh yeah, that would make sense! Now I've got to slow down, or I'll never get well."