Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Back to my Roots

It's been a year since I had my big health issues and I'm finally getting back to some semblance of normal. But while I've been fighting my way back, I've also been fighting with my characters. With my writing. With my muse. It's been really frustrating, to say the least.

With one story I've been working on, I've finished it once. Almost finished it twice, but it's still not right. So I'm going back to the beginning with it and dropping some things and adding others. And revision is my least favorite aspect of writing. I hate rewriting stuff. So this has been painful. In the meantime, I've had very little coming out for my readers to enjoy. Also, very painful for me.

So I decided to go back to my roots.Shapeshifters. My very first release was Alpha vs. Alpha and I was able to release it again with edits last year after I regained my rights. My first release from EC was Protect and Defend.

 I have a shapeshifter erotic romance that's been sitting on the back shelf for awhile and I've decided to pursue that one to see if I can get it finished. So far so good. My writing is going forward and my characters are cooperating. It feels really good and it makes me happy. Happy to write. Happy in my daily life. I'm just in a better mood overall.

The story I'm working on features a female packleader who is pressured by her pack to Mate and produce pups. Because she's committed to leading, she agrees to abide by the will of the pack and seeks out a male who's willing to be her Mate and give her pups...right away.

Yohana uses the services of Serena's matchmaking service at Predator-Match.com. It's been fun to visit with Serena again, but  to also make her presence relevant to the story. I'm having even more fun with the new couple, Per (pronounced like pear) and Yohana as they work their way through their relationship. It's early yet, but this story feels good.

Let me provide you with a little teaser - they are on their first date... What do you think?

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Copyright © FRANCESCA HAWLEY, 2012

Per looked up from his coffee to see Yohana striding confidently across the room. Two steps behind her was the young waiter, looking dazed and horny. What the fuck? Per had been on edge ever since she left the table, envisioning her in the bathroom stall with her legs spread and himself on his knees on the floor plowing into her. Now, here she was sashaying back to their table looking satisfied.

He stood to hold out her chair. As Yohana stepped close to him, he was enveloped in the smell of her body. She’d just orgasmed. His bitch screwed someone else then walked back to the table like nothing had happened. Fuck that! Per caught the worshipful gaze of the wet behind the ears pup and growled in threat.

The pup blinked seeing his death in Per’s feral eyes, then gulped in terror. “I’ll bring your check.” He squeaked.

“Like hell you will, you whelp. You just mounted my Mate. We’re going for a walk. Now.”        
The boy yipped, flying off for the kitchen at a run. Per was after him in a shot, ready to kill him.


He ignored Yohana’s cry of command, looking back once, rage filling his vision. “I’ll handle this.”

The boy weaved between tables before slamming headlong into another waiter exiting the kitchen with a tray full of pasta dinners. Per caught the boy before he hit the floor, lifting him up by the collar of his shirt. A firm female hand grasped his wrist, while her arm encircled his waist.

Yohana pressed against him to whisper in his ear, “I masturbated in the bathroom. The pup was nowhere near me. Let him go…”  She sighed as he turned to look into her eyes. “Please, Per.”

He took a deep breath and nodded. Per released the whelp, watching as the boy ran hell for leather through the kitchen doors. He closed his eyes, mortified at his stupidity. Per had never claimed a female this publicly in his entire life, not even when he was in Sweden before his sire threw him out of their pack.

Yohana eased away from him turning to the male who approached, Stefano Blackwolf, the restaurant manager and son of the owner, Roberto. “I’m sorry, Stef. This is my fault. I’ll pay for the meals. Please allow me to buy the diners whatever else they would like to apologize for their wait.”

Per shook his head. “No. My fault. I’ll pay for it.”

Yohana frowned at Per. “I will pay. It’s my responsibility.”

Per’s green eyes blazed, then he paused. “We’ll split it. Fair?”

Yohana smiled slightly patting his arm. “Yes. That’s fair.”

Per blushed as Stefano fought to hold back howls of laughter. Per looked into Yohana’s eyes then he started to chuckle, drawing giggles from her. She blushed, looking down at her toes. He reached over, lifting her chin with a fingertip barely brushing her lips with his.

“Dessert, Yohana? Would you like some cannoli?”

“That sounds wonderful.”

“Two, Stefano?” Per inquired of the manager.


Per and Yohana are very different from other couples I've written and I like them quite a bit. I'll keep you posted on how things are going. Returning to my roots seems to be going well so far. Wink...


Paris said...

I hear you talking about the health issues but I'm happy that you're back to writing Shapeshifters! I loved Protect and Defend and the new story with a female pack leader sounds like another exciting read! Keep us posted:)

Tina Donahue said...

Glad you're feeling better, Francesca. I know what you mean about a story being a little off and needing to go back to fix it. You're a great storyteller. Hang in there. :)

Francesca Hawley said...

Paris and Tina,
Thanks for the support and encouragement. I think the story I'm working on will work well for me until I have a chance to go back and fix the other WIP.