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Authors that Inspire Me

From the time I began to read which was about 3 all the way till now, I can think of a multitude of authors who shaped my thinking. As a child, I loved reading anything by Dr. Seuss and the Brothers Grimm fairytales. Back then, there were also books where your parents could put your name in the book and make you part of the story. Just found out those still exist.  *giggle*

When I was a teen, I read Edgar Allen Poe, VC Andrews and got into some of the romance novels by Barbara Cortland and Fern Michaels. I used to sneak and read the smut from Jackie Collins. *laughs* Also around that time, I got into Anne Rice, reading her books from cover to cover and when I was finally old enough, I got into more dirty, smexy books. The Penthouse letters, stories in Playgirl, more Fern and Anne and much later, Zane.

This is when I finally began writing erotica on my own. Albeit horrible since I hadn’t thought about writing mechanics or even half the things I do now. I joined a mailing list online called Erotica Readers and Writers Association and read early works from the likes of today’s famous romance and or erotica writers in their beginning stages like Jolie DuPre, TreSart Sioux, and my editor Sascha Illyvich. I also gained the thick skin I do now because some in the group were hard core critics. They’d tell me straight up if the story was unreadable which in a few cases it was.I considered that a valuable lesson and still part of that group today.

Back to reading and fast forward. These days I still read a lot but mostly m/m. My favourites are Sue Brown, Tara Lain, LA Witt, and GA Hauser but I’m also into Carol Lynne, Remmy Duchene Cassandre Dayne, Patricia Logan and Lisa Worrall. A lot of them are my peers but from each one I know I’ve learned something valuable. In my mind, every author, no matter what stage they’re in can teach you something about your own and since I’m a newbie I still have a lot to learn.

Going back through the history, I suppose I could say I’ve picked up something from everything I’ve read. I love humor, romance, hot sex, complex characters, and vivid descriptions. From all of these brilliant writers and others I’ve picked up those traits. I hope to improve on my own so one day I too can inspire another writer.

Author Sharita Lira: The Triad, otherwise known as the characters in the head of Sharita Lira are three separate muses that are the driving force behind her small amount of success. Misses Lira sees her own life as one that is very ordinary, so instead of presenting herself out to the world, she created three personalities that continue to haunt her all hours of the night to get several WIP’s done at the speed of light, and push her to the brink of sheer exhaustion, but she loves it and that’s the reason she hasn’t told them to get the hell out her head.

Michael Mandrake, BLMorticia, and Rawiya collectively have written over 30 stories published in e-book and or print through 7 different publishers. Right now as it stands, Mrs. Lira and the muses have 6 sole author books with much more to come in 2012 and beyond.

She is a happily married mother of two that writes m/m, m/f, ménage, paranormals, contemporaries, and for fun some fan fiction. She is a proud member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, as well as an advocate for rights of LGBT citizens, and a big fan of 80′s and heavy metal music. She’s also a contributor to the heavy metal ezine Fourteeng.net.

For more information, please visit http://www.thelitriad.com as well as her Facebook fanpage, The Literary Triad.

The Literary Triad - http://www.thelitriad.com/#!

Michael Mandrake – http://tabooindeed.blogspot.com

Above is my next book Smooth Like Latte and interracial m/m from NNP and part of the Something New on the Menu Series.

Brendan Walsh is an uptight business executive of works sun up to sun down in the heart of the Loop in downtown Chicago. Due to his relentless drive to succeed, he doesn’t really allow himself time for fun. His idea of this is sitting at home and watching his stock portfolio. Because of this he is always alone but since he’s always busy, he doesn’t allow any time to get to know anyone. Brendan also has a homophobic, overbearing father who he fears will not accept him for who he is. In the building where Brendan works, he meets a man by the name of Davori Jenkins, a happy go lucky guy who severs him his same cup of latte everyday just the way he likes it. 

Davori likes Brendan and begins to deliver his latte to him personally up to his office in the towers with the intent to snag the hot business man for himself. All his friends say he’s barking up the wrong tree but Davori believes he’s too smooth for Brendan to ignore.

Brendan shifted and looked at Latte standing there, a styrofoam cup in his outstretched  hand. “Your macchiato latte, sir.”
Brendan sighed and accepted the drink. He made sure he touched part of Latte’s fingers in the exchange. The moment their skin met, a bolt of electricity shot through his veins. His breath hitched and he swallowed hard. “I… um… thank you. You didn’t have to come out here and give it to me. I would’ve…”
“Nah.” He waved his hand. “A busy man like you? You don’t have time to stand in this line.”
I would’ve done it for you.
“Ahem, um, well, that’s very kind of you, Latte. Truthfully, nothing too important is waiting for me up there, but I appreciate it nonetheless.” Brendan felt the goose bumps prickle on his flesh as he gazed into those light hazel eyes. Being this close, he could tell how handsome Latte really was. No wonder the ladies had it in for him. Speaking of which… “Since you’ve made the extra effort to bring me coffee, can I assume you and I play on the same team?”
Latte blinked and smiled wryly. “Yes you can, sir. I do play on the left and I’m very happy to hear that you do too.”
Hot damn.
Suddenly, Brendan’s head didn’t hurt anymore and the conversation he’d had with his father was forgotten. “Great. I’m happy to hear that. I’ve got to admit, I was a little leery about leaving my business card in your tip cup yesterday, but I couldn’t help myself. I did it on impulse. I…” He stopped rambling. “You didn’t call me, though. I suppose you wanted to be cautious?”
“Yeah, I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t barking up the wrong tree. I mean, it could’ve been a professional reason and not a personal.”
“I suppose, but it wasn’t about business.”
“Then it would be my pleasure to continue to talk with you. Why don’t we try this again, since I have a free moment, and our conversation can’t be heard by nosy people. Your name is…?”
“Brendan Walsh.” He smiled and held out his hand. This man… God! So effing gorgeous. Brendan felt his face flush and his palms sweat. Latte’s hands were so soft. For a moment, he imagined those hands caressing his body. “And you are?”
“I’m Latte, good to meet you.”
“Same here, and is Latte your real name?” He just had to ask.
“No, but I figure we can talk more about that later when I call you.”
Brendan laughed and held onto Latte’s hand a little longer. He didn’t seem to mind, so he continued to hold on. “Okay then. What, is it a secret or something?
“Kind of, yes.”
“You don’t like your real name?” He took a drink from the cup and felt the soothing sensation of the warm liquid. “Mhmm, just like yesterday.”
“I hope better than yesterday.” He chuckled. “I like it, I just like Latte better. So… about what time should I call you?”
“This evening, around seven? Or would you rather I call you?”
“Doesn’t really matter. As long as I get to hear that sweet voice, love.” Latte finally let go and pulled the card and the phone from his apron pocket.
“Latte, need ya back in here, man!”
Dammit, not now.
“Okay,” Latte answered and pressed the numbers on his handset.
“Sounds like you’re high in demand.” Brendan’s phone rang and he smiled at Latte. “Ahh, hello there.” He saved the number and name, and added a ringtone to it as well.
“Nah, they can wait. So, we’ll talk around seven but I was wondering if I could see you before then, so we wouldn’t be so rushed? Can I bring you lunch?”
Brendan grinned so much his face began to ache. “Uh, you mean, can we have lunch?”
“I wish I had time, sexy man, but I’m sure I’ll eat earlier than you wanna eat. No worries, we’ll have plenty of time to do that soon. Today though, I can bring ya somethin’, and another one of your favorite drinks if you like.” Again, that smile.
Brendan took another sip and moistened his lips. He wished he could whisk this man upstairs to his office just to talk and… Oh, who was he kidding? Brendan liked casual sex, but lately he wanted something more. However, if Latte would’ve asked for a quick fuck, no question he would’ve willingly given it to him. “Um, okay then, sure, but I hope we make a date to have a meal together.”
“Oh we will. What would you like me to get for you?”
“Um, she has a tuna salad in there I like, so why not that?”
“M’kay, I’ll get that then. I’ll bring it up to what floor?”
“Thirty-five.” Brendan finished the latte but held onto the cup to keep himself from making another impulsive move. “I guess I’ll see you then, maybe around two?”
“Yep, I’ll bring it up then. I better get back in here before…”
“Latte!” Cathy’s voice this time.
“Alright, I’ll see you at two then. Bye.”
“Later, gorgeous.” He winked and ran back into the shop.

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Great list of authors you've given us. I'll have to look up their latest works. :)

S.Lira said...

Thanks Tina!

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Don't' know some of those and thought I was an omniverous reader. Loved the excerpt...