Sunday, May 6, 2012

The timeless allure of fairytales

What is it about a fairytale that captures the imagination and never lets it go? We hear them for the first time in our childhood, and they enchant most of us. Some more than others, of course. I remember reading Cinderella repeatedly when I was a little girl, and even had a very cool recording of it that was my favourite to listen to, as well. I don’t know if it’s the whole Prince Charming thing, or the fact that it’s the poor little cinders girl who becomes his princess, but the tale is timeless and endlessly appealing.

The stories of our childhood resonate through our imaginations forever, I think. My first adventure story was Ali Baba, I loved all of the Brothers Grimm stories, even though the more subtle aspects of their dark side wasn’t something I saw or understood until my adult years. There is magic in these stories because they’ve become an accepted part of our universal consciousness over time.

Recently, I was asked a couple of times to consider re-writing a traditional fairytale for an adult audience. I wasn’t sure precisely how to go about it, but I was in–the result has been two of my best-selling books. The first one is called FAVOLA, which is the Italian word for fable. The basis of this story is an Italian fairytale called Bella Venezia, which combines many elements found in fairytales we’re all more familiar with, and I’ve left the short version of the tale at the end of the book. A very good friend of mine, and a popular singer in Italy, had written and recorded a song called Favola, and he gave me permission to use part of it when I did the video trailer for this book. The cover model is a friend of mine in Rome. So, it was a very special and fun book. You can have a peek at it at the end of this post, and of course on my website pages.

New Dawning Book Fair, one of my best publishers, put out a call for fairytales, too. This time I chose Cinderella, and the story was called GLASS SLIPPERS AND JEWELED MASQUES. To my amazement, this story has been the #1 best-seller on the publisher site for months on end, and the reviews have been fabulous.

So, it seems no matter how old we get, our fairytales remain, even if they do change a little in context. I hope you’ll check out my first two, and know there will be more in future because Damn! This is FUN!!

FAVOLA: Re-telling a fairytale for an adult audience:

Available now:


Genre: EROTIC romance/fairytale

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xPiAM-ELis


In the town of Favola, a prince and a lovely girl imprisoned by her mother's jealousy find passion and love... but will it be enough to outsmart the machinations and fury that their devotion inspires in the beautiful Bella Venezia? An Italian fairytale is re-told for an adult audience....

WONDERFUL reviews for Glass Slippers and Jeweled Masques!! I'm so thrilled!!




Available NOW from New Dawning International Book Fair -

About the book:

Cindi Lancourte is the illegitimate daughter of a powerful businessman and a lovely woman who worked for him. Acknowledged when his wife died, she was quickly relegated to the role of servant by his new wife and step-daughters, but an invitation to a Masquerade gives this Cinderella a new shot at happiness with a handsome Prince Charming.

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Tina Donahue said...

What a beautiful cover, Denyse - wow - caught my attention immediately. Favola sounds awesome - congrats! :)

Erin O'Riordan said...

Great cover indeed. My favorite was always "Red Riding Hood." I'm glad these old fairy tales are getting a new lease on life.

Denysé Bridger said...

Thanks, Tina - that guy is on two of my covers, he's a special friend in Rome - wonderful guy and very handsome! He did the photo shoot especially for my book covers!

Erin - thanks so much. I need to think of the next fairytale to twist now, because these are fun!!

Hai-Yen said...

Both books have piqued my curiosity. I love all the fairy tales from my childhood. I am certain I will enjoy the "adult" version of them too. Thanks for the giveaway!

Stormie Kent said...

Hello Denyse,
I love retold fairytales and that cover is beautiful.

Kathryn Merkel said...

I love all the retelling of my favorite fairytales with an adult twist. Keep 'em coming.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Fairy Tales resonate with most of us because they include the architypes in the characters and renew our belief that anyone of good heart can win--against all odds.
Maybe that's why I got so caught up in the series, Once Upon a Time that has its big finale tonight. I love the enigmatic Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin.
Both of your grown up fairy tales look like wonderful reads and the covers are beautiful.
A very tantalizing topic, Denyse. I wish you all the best.

desitheblonde said...

wow the cover are great and the fairy tale is great and will love to read them they are great color and then they stand out wow

R L Stuemke said...


As you know, I also have loved fairy tales all my life, and when I discovered the anthology called 'Red as Blood' by Tanith Lee, I went crazy over the idea of recreating those stories in different forms. You picked two archetypal stories, amd the covers are exciting - I can't say I'm surprised that they're doing well. I think a lot of these tales keep circulating because of one main theme: the underdog winning through!


Brigit Aine said...

Ha...as D knows I love fairytales...my first published book was an adult twist on "Red Riding Hood". It has been published twice now...and it is by far my favorite still.

ilona said...

I adore rewrites of old Fairy tales. Adding your two to my wishlist :D

felinewyvern at dot com

hotcha12 said...


Jem Juliette Jewels Jade said...

thnx for the book giveaway!!!! xD
email: jemjewelsjade98@gmail.com

Denysé Bridger said...

Thank you everyone - I'll post a winner in the morning! Your support and comments are wonderful!!!

Gabby said...

I found out about this story because it was mentioned by someone I know in one of my goodreads groups and the cover is gorgeous!

Like most kids I was practically brought up on fairy tales and to this day even if they're tweaked a bit I still love them either in literary form or in a television show form.

In fact one of my newest addictions is the show Once Upon A Time and it's not just because of the twists in the classic fairy tales it's because of the characters and the fact that they're even more compelling in tv life then they are in their literary forms.

I also admire an author who loves to take a tale we all know and love and throw in his or her own special spices and turn the fairy tale into a story no one ever expected.

Thanks for the post and the awesome fairy tale giveaway chance Ms. Bridger, and best of luck with these books and any other fairy tale based master pieces you decide to send out into the world!


Unknown said...

Hi Denyse,
thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the cover, it's absolutely gorgeous and the book sounds wonderful. i remember growing up with fairtales but the ones my grandparents read to me were the original Grimm's tales. some(most) of those were quite gruesome, but had great "moral of the story". i think my favorite(s) were a tie between Rose Red,Rose White and Sleeping Beauty.

i love that i can find fairytales write for me now that are geared toward my age group(not telling) :D

thank you again and have a great week.

tammy ramey

Unknown said...

to commentor Gabby,
Have you ever seen the mini series the 10th Kingdom? if not you show try and find it. it is a mix of almost all of the fairytales but all set slightly off so that they are different than what we would know. it stars John Larroquette,Scott Cohn,Kimberley Williams and a ton of other well know actors. i originally saw it back in 2000, but found it at Columbia House online. you may find it at a video store or Amazon.
it really is hilarious and adventure filled, very family friendly film (IMOHO).

tammy ramey

Denysé Bridger said...

Sorry everyone, just remembered to come back and grab a winner for the books - and it's Tammy Ramey

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, and yes - let's keep the magic of fairytales alive and filled with passion!!

Blessings to all ~ D