Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time Is Of The Essence

Greetings Diva Fans and Friends!

Sorry for the delay posting today. It's been an interesting couple of weeks for me and my schedule is all schlumpy. Suffice it to say, between a kid with a broken arm, a minor disaster at my brewery, a weekend full of beer fests and 2 MAJOR revision/editing jobs on my plate plus a couple of other books to final with galleys and whatnot...I'm running on adrenaline, caffeine and the sheer power of my sarcasm.

I want to share a never before seen excerpt from my upcoming release Essence of Time, the 4th book in the very popular Stewart Realty series. I've had over 700 downloads in May of the first 3 books and am finding the ever elusive "regular readers" who reach out to me on the various social networking platforms who are reading and loving this story.  FOR JUST 6 MORE DAYS YOU CAN DOWNLOAD FLOOR TIME, Book 1 from both Amazon and ARe for only .99! It goes back up to regular pricing June 1 in advance of the Essence of Time release on June 23.

Oh, and I'm getting PRINT for all 4 books and will be signing copies at the RomFest in Gatlinburg in June! 
Here is a glimpse of the print cover for Essence of Time:
For years, Rob Frietag has resisted anything resembling a true emotional connection, preferring instead to explore life and his own desires without committing to anyone for very long. The reason behind this remains known only to a few, among them Jack Gordon, his college cohort in female conquests and lifelong friend. While he is close to achieving his career goal as head chef of a five-star restaurant in Chicago, he is still very much alone.

Blake Thornton’s heart has been shattered by an intensely emotional relationship with Suzanne Baxter in Ann Arbor. Completely broken by what he believes was his one true love, he arrives at a Chicago food and beer festival, prepared to drink his sorrow away. When the two men meet, their lives are changed forever. But time is of the essence for Rob and when he acknowledges his true feelings, he will stop at nothing to keep them together, including finding a surrogate mother for the child Blake to desperately wants.

Lila Warren is recovering from a nasty divorce, needs cash and believes carrying their baby will fulfill her in ways her marriage never did. None of them suspect that the connection they share will provide the final emotional key to their life-long puzzle. When Rob’s secret is revealed, time becomes the one luxury they don’t have, setting in motion a chain of events that shatters the fragile illusion of happiness for them, and everyone around them. 

Excerpt (just after Rob and Blake meet):
Rob yanked a pair of jeans on and stuck his arms in his shirt, anything really to not look Blake in the eye. If he did that they would never make it to the fucking festival because he’d have this kid bent over the couch so fast his adorable blond head would spin. He gulped back a curse. The smile on Blake’s face was pure, unadulterated sex. “Let’s go,” he bit the words off unwilling to go anywhere near the kid again.
“Okay.” Blake grabbed his soiled shirt from the floor, grimacing at it. “Damn, I was a mess, sorry.” His face actually reddened. Rob gripped the edge of the chair. Dear God he was adorable. “No wonder you don’t want to—“
“The reason I don’t want to has nothing to do with you getting puke-ass drunk and passing out on my couch. God knows I’ve been there before.” Rob messed around with his phone, his keys, clamping down on the urge to blow off the beer fest and hunker down here, with Blake, like, forever. He shook his head. Blake tilted his head, stayed quiet. “I, um, gotta go. I have a noon event. You?”
Blake seemed to be in a daze, then startled, cursed. He pulled his phone from his pocket. “Yeah, I have an event in ten minutes.” He looked up and the expression on his face was one Rob would never forget. The mixture of regret, sadness and lust was something patently “Blake” forever and ever.  “Uh, how far are we?” He rolled up on the balls of his feet, a nervous tick Rob figured he’d had his whole life.
Rob laughed, and. “I’ll get you there. Don’t worry.”  

Blake watched as Rob  slipped his feet into soft leather driving shoes and buttoned the oxford cloth shirt emblazoned with the logo of a famous restaurant.
“You know,” Blake sipped a cup of coffee he’d helped himself to. “I could get addicted to you.” Rob shot him an odd look, but then smiled.
“Nah, I’m annoying as hell after a while I assure you.”
“I thought you were a brewer,” Blake tried to ignore the pinging in his head.
“I was. I mean, I am. But now, I’m a sous chef.” He patted the logo. “But hope to be head chef in about a month, when the asshole ahead of me quits.”
“Where did you learn to brew?” He knew they should go, but wanted to keep talking.
“Detroit River Brewing actually, a few years ago.”
“Yeah,” Rob stopped in front of him, cupped Blake’s chin with his hand. “So, you free tonight?”
“What, you’re gonna take me out on a date?”
“Maybe. I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of slut.”
“Ha. Too late. For both of us I’m afraid.” He stood, staying close to Rob’s tall body, too close, likely but he didn't care. “And yes, I’m free. I’ll be even more free after this week.”
“Why is that,” Rob kept his lips close to Blake’s skin, ran long fingers through his hair.
“I’m quitting my job. Gonna need to find another one. Somewhere, oh shit, if you keep that up we will never get out of here…” He sighed as Rob stepped away.
“Quitting?” Rob stepped back, ran a hand over his face. “What for?”
“Ah, you don’t want my sob story, trust me.” And for some reason he had no desire to share it. All he wanted now was more of this man. His lips, tongue, fingers and cock. And he planned to get it. A lot more of it. Tonight. Anything to quell the anxiety that was starting to rise in his gut at the thought of hitting that damn festival again.
“Fine. So about that date…” Blake grinned and buttoned up the shirt Rob had loaned him.
“Sure.” He grabbed Rob’s phone and programmed his number in it. “But a warning, fair Robert.” He smiled as the man glanced over at him. “I am in no position to give much more than…”
“Say no more dear Blake.” Rob swept him into a hug that included the lovely sensation of the man’s half hard cock pressed into his own. “I don’t do relationships. Not anymore.”
“So we are on the same page then,” Blake broke away, laced up his shoes. His heart pounded hard for some reason, then calmed. “I will say I like you so far. And I’m absolutely not in the market for a relationship. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.” He stepped back. "Let's go. We're late.”


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on a wonderful series, Liz. Love the cover of this newest installment. :)

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Liz, love the sound of this new series, and wow, that cover is gorgeous!!!

Liz said...

thanks guys! a new artist got so inspired by my books she redid all my covers and they are totally amazing.

Katalina Leon said...

Liz, you're building an amazing book series in the face of adversity. The cover is lovely too!

Rhonda D said...

I can't wait to read Rob and Blake's story. yay!

jean hart stewart said...

Way to go... A lovely series....

C. A. Szarek said...

OMG I cannot WAIT for this book. CANNOT WAIT! :)