Thursday, May 10, 2012

Someone to Root for...

Hi all, Francesca Hawley here today.

I read Karenna's post yesterday about wanting a strong heroine and I agree completely. Doormat characters are a serious annoyance to me as a reader. But there's something else that gets to me too. I need someone to root for. Preferably the hero and heroine, but at least someone.

I was thinking about this today because I was discussing Spartacus (the Stars TV original series) at work today with my co-workers. I've heard many people raving about the series, but I can't watch it. I've tried. I channel surf and see it on and stop, then I try to watch it. Try being the operative word. Invariably, someone kills someone else. And no, I don't mean gladiator killing gladiator. I'd expect that. No, it's usually the women who are the most vicious.

So I was watching not too long ago...or rather trying to watch. At any rate, This Roman guy strips off by the bath and turns around and I'm like - holy sheets - full frontal. Yes! I keep watching thinking I might see some hot sex. No such luck. The young lady with him accuses him of killing her brother, pulls a knife to try to kill him but the blond lady who primed her to kill the man (I guess it's the naked guy's wife) comes in and kills the vengeful woman. Now the blond and the naked guy are both standing there covered in the girl's blood and start to make out. Ewwww.

NO ONE TO ROOT FOR! And it's been the same every single time I've stopped to watch the show. Even Spartacus is a jerk the few times I've seen him onscreen. This isn't the only show I have issues with. I won't watch Dexter (despite much critical acclaim) because the "hero" - and I use that term loosely - is a serial killer. How do you root for that? I can't. If you love Dexter, more power to you but I can't.

I used to be a CSI:Miami fan but they lost me when Horatio went vigilante. He was no longer someone to root for. That's why I can't stomach Gone with the Wind. You've got the doormat characters (Ashley and Melanie) and the most obnoxious people on the planet - or at least in Georgia - Rhett and Scarlet. Rhett is an alphahole and Scarlet is the most spoiled, self-centered girl around. Again, no one to root for.

Have you run into this? Are there any books or movies you just can't read or watch because there's no one to root for? Let me know what you think!


KarennaC said...

I can't think of anything offhand that's left me feeling like there's no one to root for, but I definitely agree with you that there should be SOMEONE. Even if it's just a secondary character.

Stormie Kent said...

Having a character to root for is important.

Tina Donahue said...

I have to agree with you on Gone with the Wind. Many times, I wanted to slap Scarlett for being such a bitch. And I never could figure out what Rhett saw in her. But hey, it's like the biggest selling romance novel ever, right?

I don't know if readers are looking for someone to root for or perhaps it's something to root for. Take Grey's Anatomy for example. My God, the back and forth between Meredith and Derek made me dizzy, but even when they were acting like jerks (or being human,I suppose), I was still rooting for them to get together - hopefully for good. To me, that was what kept me tuning in.

Fiona McGier said...

I don't have any time to watch TV. I do LOVE action movies, so The Avengers was tops on my list of must-see this summer, and it was well worth it! But I really dislike the Ironman character because Tony Stark is such an alpha-jerk. And Gynneth Paltrow is a doormat to put up with him. Other than their characters, I loved the movie.