Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways

How many ways can we fall in love? Love at first site? Oh yeah, that's one of the most obvious. I don't think most people fall in love this way, but it is an interesting concept. Especially when you can't get over the huge impact that special person makes the first time you meet. One glance and you know he or she is the right one for you. This one can be pretty chancy if you're not a romantic to start with. I think falling in lust is much easier and sure fire, but sometimes it happens and sometimes those people live happily ever after.

Since I write contemporary and historical romance I find that falling in love is universal and crosses many language barriers.

The girl or boy next door, the one you practically grew up with, then you sort of take for granted they will always be there, but they aren't. Suddenly they are dating Joe Blow and you wonder what hit you. They may not be as sexy, but there is something about them that attracts you.

The tomboy girl, that suddenly grows up without you noticing. Oh yeah, this one can be very interesting and many people have written about this one. You never noticed the little gal who came out to work on your car with you a dozen times, has finally filled out and become, low and behold, a woman.

Then there are the co-workers that meet over the water fountain and start dating. After all, they have so much in common. Their conversation might start about work, but eventually, they start talking about their likes and dislikes and before you know it, they are dating.

Blind dates, this one is tough, because most blind dates just don't work out for some reason, but there are times when you don't realize you have much in common, but you do. Or your first impression was a bad one, but then she kissed you and darn if you didn't like it.

Then there are the match makers that try and create a romance where there is none. This can go either way, depending on their wave lengths.

Opposites attracting, He's a widower and a baseball nut, and she can't throw a ball, but she's the best cook in town, and willingly teaches his daughter how to. He loves the outdoors, she hates it, but helping her untangle her fishing line can turn out to be very interesting.

Age difference can be a barrier or an attraction sometimes. Young guy gets dumped too many times by his young girl friends, so he starts paying more attention to her widowed mother who happens to look very nice in that new swimsuit.

How about the old flame that comes back to haunt you just after you got engaged to another. So interesting how that flame didn't quite die. Can he get her back?

Pure lust isn't love, but sometimes we put the horse before the cart and realize we have a situation that may or may not make it. Just because a guy is cute doesn't mean you can marry them, but what if you just can't see anyone else for him? Do you get over them or do you make an effort to find out more about their personality, if he's worth having, he's worth knowing.

Today interracial romance can be exciting and creative, the hardships are obvious, but the solution is not always clear.

There are literally hundreds of ways that people fall in love, and that is how we romance writers think a lot of times.

Readers often ask how we come up with stories, well there are many ways. But sometimes we simply remember how a relative, or friend fell in love and use that as a basis for our stories. Come share your story with me today. How did you fall in love? Was it different?

In Just One Kiss you meet young Lee Nelson fixing to go to war, and an even younger Hattie Tanner, who is not only black, but a challenge to Lee that he can't forget. Eight years later Hattie is grown up and taking care of his land, and tempting him beyond belief. Can they make it work against all odds?


jean hart stewart said...

Hi Rita...Yeah I'm one of those rare ones who fell in love at first sight and married the guy. Took about two years of dating before we had enough money, but it was romance for sure, even though frustrating as hell at times. And we stayed married through mostly good times....

Tina Donahue said...

Such a wise post, Rita. Thank god we have love. It makes all the other junk worthwhile. :)

Fiona McGier said...

He says it was the fact that I could quote Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes that captured him...after, of course, my sexy hot looks! Of course it was a party, he was a late-comer, and I had consumed so much beer my brother had to carry me, fireman-style, out the door. But I yelled over his butt, "Hey you, cute boy, party at our house next week! Be there!" And he was...then he never left. We've been married for almost 30 years and look forward to another 30! Love at first sight can sometimes be the real thing! It was for us!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I don't believe in love at first sight. I think love has more to do with luck, timing and commitment.
You're lucky if you even meet your true love and when you meet them can be crucial--you both have to arrive at that place in your life where you both want the same things. But more than anything, it has to do with caring about another person enough to sacrifice for them. If you get two people willing to do all that and have special chemistry, maybe there's a chance for long lasting love.
A lovely post, Rita.

Anonymous said...

I missed my own blog, well golly gee whiz. Sarah is right about a lot of it, but couples do meet and fall in love in strange ways. That's what is so much fun in writing about it. You can make up your own scheme and follow to the end. But listening to others about how they met and how they got together can be eye opening. Like the Rocky and Bullwinkle, you just never know what attracts a person some times. Thanks for all your imput, I have a lot of fun listening to others about this, hope you other fellow writers do to.
Love and blessings