Saturday, March 3, 2012

Too Much !!!!!

When is too much money just too much?

I just got back from collecting my mail. Yes, I live in a small town where mail is not delivered and running into a friend at the post office is a happy event. I was floored by two magazines sent to me as a freebies.Gifts of the publishers who couldn’t have known how useless it is to send me such items advertising nothing but luxury items. Items that cost most than I could imagine. $35,000 for a dress. Ten thousand (at least) for shoes or purses. And I won’t even go into the prices for the casual looking jewelry.

Do people really spend that much on assembling a new outfit? With most of the world in such need it seems not only ridiculous but downright sinful. Am I crazy, or is the rest of the world? Is this one reason for the popularity of the rags to riches theme fueling so much of our literature?

Fiery Pursuit, my first venture into erotica just came out from Ellora’s Cave. I guess it’s somewhat of a rags to riches theme, as the heroine goes from slavery in harem to being the wife of a wealthy count. However, they’re people of compassion. Latest fashions are definitely not their concern. They would definitely be this upset by such examples of profligate living?

And here's my newest book, from Passion in Print, and the last of the Mage series.

"Simon couldn’t remember being so startled. Troy, his childhood playmate, at least whenever he deigned to give her his attention. Now a grown, a most delightfully grown woman. He’d never seen a female as well-endowed as Troy. Beautiful eyes, lovely wheat-colored hair, tempting full lips calling for-- no, demanding, a kiss. When he’d splashed her from head to toe, her clinging garments had revealed the most perfect figure he could imagine. Maybe he’d seen too many, but at least he could state without equivocation hers was exceptional. The very thought of joining her on his bed and stripping her of his own shirt caused an erection he could only pray she was too inexperienced to spot.
But this was Troy. Not some beauty on the London circuit to be discarded with ease. He couldn’t disgrace her. He’d swear she was that rare female, a virgin. And he was so much older than she, in more ways than just the years. His desire couldn’t be more inappropriate, or more hopeless.
He sat on the edge of the bed. Her lips were so very kissable, and he could at least reassure her of her appeal. It was insupportable she’d think any man wouldn’t want her. Leaning over her, he took her in his arms, surprised at the strength with which she clutched him to her.
One kiss to show her he recognized her as an adult. A very lovely woman.
Then he lowered his lips to hers. An instant fire flared, as he licked her lips and she started in surprise. She’d never been kissed, then, in an intimate manner. Dear god, somehow the certain knowledge this was all new to her excited him almost beyond control.
He kept the kiss hot but chaste. Then, lost in the unbelievable rapture of kissing Troy, he started to feel under his shirt for her breasts. Her little gasp woke him to what he was doing. He was well on the way to seducing his childhood friend, the cherished daughter of his extended family. He’d been about to lay her flat and enter her with little preparation. That she seemed willing was no excuse.
What the hell had come over him?"

Please comment and tell if you agree there can be too, too much.


Tina Donahue said...

Welcome to the cave, Jean!! I guess if you're a billionaire, ten grand for a pair of shoes doesn't seem like a lot. Even if I won a billion tomorrow, I've been poor for too long to waste that kind of money. I'd give a lot of it to Planned Parenthood and other women's causes.

jean hart stewart said...

Planned Parenthood is one of my pet causes too. Along with several for the blind. To each his own, I guess, but I'd never be comfortable with wasting so much money. Not to say I don't indulge is smaller ways....

Stormie Kent said...

If I had that much money I might start a non profit for low income mothers in transition or to help talented people I know follow their dreams or... okay I could keep going. Hiya Jean!

jean hart stewart said...

Stormie. it's fun to fantastize, isn't it. Your idea is a great one. Wish more people felt like you!

Fiona McGier said...

The 1% is busy claiming that the rest of us are trying to start a class war. What they don't realize is that we have figured out there has been a war against the rest of us for years...now we are beginning to fight back. But money always skews the battle...to their side. There may be more of us, but we are expendable, hence our crappy health care system. As I told my kids years ago, life is unfair. Sad, but the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can stop raging about the disparity. You'll have to, to be able to make a living working multiple minimum sage jobs!