Friday, March 30, 2012

Guest blog with Paul Martin

Paul's here today to tell us about his wonderful book A Witch's Wish. Please give him a warm welcome and leave a comment to show your love.  :)

Hello!! How is everyone today? Today I would like to talk about wishes. We all make them, from tiny ones such as, I wish I could find my keys, to, I wish I were rich. I’m sure most of you are like me and make wishes daily. I wish the rain would stop, or if you’re still in school, I wish it would snow real hard so they close school. I know I’ve made that one many times.

Do these wishes ever come true? Some may, but it is probably only a coincidence. But what if you had a way to make a wish come true? Aladdin had his genie in the bottle, not to mention Maj. Nelson on I dream of Genie. Now there is another wish I made many, many times; Barbara Eden who wanted nothing more than to grant my every wish!!!!!!! I realize it was a G-rated TV show, but come on, she was HOT!!!!!

Then we have the fortune tellers at the carnivals, the Magic Eight Ball and lucky rabbit feet to name a few others. None of those can grant wishes either. But what if you were a witch? A witch who could cast a spell that actually worked? What would you wish for?

Would you wish for money? Power? Fame? True love? Aha!!! Most people I know would give up everything they owned for true love. To find that perfect mate, one who would be true to you forever is everyone’s quest. Some have been fortunate to find that mate without magic, but wouldn’t it have been nice to have sped the process along? To find that person all the sooner, so you could spend more time in their presence?

I believe I’ve found my perfect mate and I did it without casting a spell, other than using my considerable charm and debonairness. She is everything I’ve wished for in a woman and more. So maybe wishes do come true after all?

In the second volume of the Wexford Coven series, A Witch’s Wish, Maggie Wells casts a spell to find her true love. Does it work? She doesn’t think so when she sees who it is. Chief Eric Rose has been her nemesis over the years, giving her more speeding tickets than she could shake a broom at. Add in a serial killer and you have a very interesting courtship!!! Below is an excerpt for your reading pleasure.

A Witch’s Wish

Maggie walked out to the pool area and her eyes zoomed in on Eric’s chiseled body. A sudden desire to run her hands over that muscular chest curled her lips into a wicked smile. She waved to him, but instead of waving back, he jumped head first into the water. What the hell is wrong with him? Is our big bad Sherriff afraid of little old me? Hmm? Maybe I should have brought the French cut? To see the Chief sweat a bit would be a nice change. What the hell am I thinking? He’s a cop and I don’t do cops. But then, I do like to make them miserable.

Maggie lined up her fanny so when she bent over to lay her towel down, Eric would be sure to get an eyeful. With extra emphasis on the hip action, she sashayed over to the high dive and took her time climbing the ladder.

Maggie stood at the extreme end of the board testing its springiness and to make sure she had Eric’s full attention. Moving back, Maggie took a deep breath, expanding her chest to the fullest, and then ran out onto the board. A small jump placed her at the tip of the board and as it sprang back up, she used every bit of her leg muscles to gain maximum height. Nearly hitting one of the hanging lights, Maggie spread her arms and soared.

In her temporary freedom from the bonds of gravity, Maggie understood what it must be like to be a swan gliding gracefully down to her watery home. Cool air caressed her face and whipped through her long, unbound hair. Adrenalin coursed through her veins. Her nipples hardened as Eric came into view, just ahead and below her. The expression on his face was priceless.

I wish I had a camera. Could you imagine that puss on utube? The caption would read, Harrisonville Chief gawks at gorgeous swan! That ought to make him squirm. But then, I’d rather have that hunk of man squiring underneath me as I ride him to heaven. If he wasn’t a cop, that is.

Maggie brought her hands together and split the water. The cool water excited her further.

Inspiration hit when she saw Eric’s hairy legs in front of her. Swimming around him, she turned and shot out of the water to land on his neck and back. Her hands clasped together on top of his head and pushed till he went under. She was still giggling when he resurfaced.


Tina Donahue said...

I love stories about love spells. Great blog, Paul - thanks for stopping by. And may you burn up the internet with your sales. :)

Tabitha Shay said...

Interesting. Just as I got into it, you left me hanging...lol...great excerpt, Paul...U have to know witches are dear to my heart...lol...Good luck with sales...Tabs

jean hart stewart said...

Love women that bewitch their men! Go, Maggie...

Fiona McGier said...

I tried to impress once when I was a teenager, wearing an itsy-bitsy string-type bikini that I made myself. Unfortunately, no one told me that double knits expand when they get wet! So after posing, I jumped off the board into the water, and as I surfaced I realized my bottoms were around my knees and my top was up under my chin. My brother laughed so hard he choked!
Thanks for reminding me of that memory (grin) and sounds like a great book! Another for my TBR list.