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Do you love to read Post-Catastrophe erotic romances?

If you love Post Catastrophe Erotic Romances then you’ve come to the right place today!

I have this fascination with what would life be like on Earth after a catastrophe. I don’t know why, but this intrigues me.

When I was a kid, I would imagine what I would do if the nearby nuclear plant would suddenly have a melt down and I actually survived.

As I grew older I found my excitement on this subject in the movies. Movies like the Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston), Soylent Green (Charlton Heston), Where Have All the People Gone (Peter Graves) and Dawn of the Dead (Sarah Polly). Currently I’m fascinated by the tv series the Walking Dead. Needless to say I’ve literally had nightmares about life dealing with apes, hungry people, crazed dogs, and zombies ( yes! I actually have a work in progress with zombies).

 Dawn of the Dead Movie Poster        

As my fascination with the post catastrophe world evolved, it of course went into my writing. And that is what today’s post is all about. My post-catastrophe erotic romance series that I have on the go at several different publishing houses.

Outlaw Lovers series (Ellora’s Cave)


My most popular post catastrophe series is the Outlaw Lovers series (Ellora’s Cave). The plot deals with terrorists unleashing a virus amongst the women of the world. A virus that turns women into submissive beings – like the movie The Stepford Wives (Katherine Ross).

But what happens in my post-catastrophe world is the virus takes on mutations such as a deadly flu and kills most of the world’s women population. Surviving women are left with interesting versions of the X-virus. Some women fantasize on a daily basis (Tyler’s Woman), some women need to orgasm (Resistance – coming soon to EC) in order to survive, others need daily expensive meds to stay alive (Jude Outlaw). And yet other women are unaffected, hunted down by the government who wants to hold them captive like guinea pigs in order to find a lucrative vaccine (The Claiming). Sound intriguing yet?

Let’s take it a step further. How would men react if most of the surviving women were afflicted with these sexual illnesses? How would they make it fair so that more men could have one woman? That’s where the Claiming Law comes in. A Law that allows groups of men to “claim” a woman as their wife, to do with her whatever they wish. Sounds scary eh?

The Desperadoes series (Siren-Bookstrand)

  The Pleasure Girl (MFMM)  In Her Bed (MFMM)  Be My Dream Tonight (MFMM)

Another series I have on the go is The Desperadoes (SirenBookstrand). My series picks up several years after solar flares have taken out the world’s electrical grids and disintegrated much of the world’s human population. Survivors are left in a world that’s a few degrees colder hence a harsh growing season and kind of a throwback to the cowboy days where the main transportation now are horses.

Factories, banks and civilization are pretty much history as economies have collapsed. Only the strong survive in a harsh new land. And surviving means doing pretty much anything to stay alive. Physically, sexually and mentally. Love seems to come in the most interesting ways after the Catastrophe. And a woman has to do what a woman has to do in order survive in this series and that includes falling in love with not one, not two, but three men!! Wooot! (Ember – the next Desperadoes is currently a work in progress).

I also have a couple of stories that would fall into the post-catastrophe range. Sex Outlawed! (Total E Bound) and Claiming Hannah (Ellora’s Cave).

Sex Outlawed!

Sex: Outlawed!

Sex Outlawed! is an utopia post-catastrophe erotica. Because of pollution most of the people in the past got sick and died. The healthy were moved into plastic bubbles; self sustainable cities called biospheres. Everything is regulated and watched carefully. Your food intake, your thoughts, even what kind of job you do is dictated by the Order of Authority.

At birth everyone is embedded with a Blocker, which prevents humans from craving sex. Sex in the future is considered a bad habit and thrown into the same category as smoking, drinking or gambling! Bad, bad and not allowed. But, there are a few rebels who have discovered that tampering with their Blockers makes for a sexually fun filled day. And of course they need to experiment with this new found vice of sex.

Oh! And there’s also this one little rule – each female of each biosphere must bear one child in order to keep the human race going. Since perfection is the name of the game in the future, babies are naturally conceived by specialized Doctors – human males. Hmmm, but the Totalitarian government wants to phase out these Doctors and replace them with artificial insemination machines. Not all Doctors like this new method, hence another reason why the totalitarian government must be overthrown one day! (Sex Outlawed! The Experiment is a current work in progress and the sequel to Sex Outlawed!)


Claiming Hannah

Picture this! Futuristic world where babies are conceived by Breeders. Breeders are effectively clones with little rights. Their life mission is to serve humans and carry their children. In the future, many couples opt for Breeders, because they are too busy loving their careers. So hey! Let’s hire a Breeder couple at a Breeder farm. Couples peruse catalogs and pick their child’s parents. They’re even allowed to watch the Breeder couple perform in order to conceive the child. But hey, there are other nasty little things going on in the Breeder world. Sometimes Breeder slaves want to escape to the Free States. That’s when a Hitman is called in to either capture her or him, or kill the escapee.

Hannah in Claiming Hannah is a clone, a Breeder Slave. There’s this one little rule for Breeder Slave women. Each female Breeder Slave female is allowed to keep her first born until he or she is eighteen and then the government gets her one child, which they can either set free or turn into a Breeder Slave.

Alas! This is when a Breeding Ceremony is set up. Males (sometimes several) are allowed to have sex with the female Slave while everyone watches. The potential fathers are picked. She has no say. In Claiming Hannah, Hannah’s been told she’s ready for her Breeding Ceremony. Unfortunately, Hannah, wants nothing to do with it, so she escapes. Her owner, hires Jacob, a hitman to hunt her down and kill her. But it’s a small world and our sexy hitman knows Hannah, because his dad runs the Breeder farm where she lives. In fact, Jacob has loved her from first sight.

Suddenly he’s defying the rules of a Totalitarian government and he and Hannah are on the run for their lives. (Claiming Cara is a work in progress sequel).

Ah yes, I sure do love my post-Catastrophe stories!!

I hope you enjoyed my post today and I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my word of post-catastrophe books!  If you have a favorite or more than one favorite post-catastrophe type movies or books, feel free to post them. I would love to hear what intrigues you.

Happy Reading!!

Jan Springer


Tina Donahue said...

I love these types of series, romantic or otherwise. I have to admit, I'm a Walking Dead junkie - can't get enough of that story. Love the male leads. Yum.

Your books sound awesome - may you burn up the net with your sales!! :)

Jan Springer said...

Thanks, Tina. :-)

jean hart stewart said...

An impressive blog. Your books are original and fascinating..

Fiona McGier said...

Ah yes, post-apocalyptic...The Terminator, Babylon 5, etc etc. Love them all! Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake, then the sequel, The Flood. For those of us who don't have much optimism that the human race will evolve beyond our current "me-first, f*** you" attitude. Good stuff!

Jan Springer said...

Thanks for your wonderful compliment, Jean. :-)

Jan Springer said...

I'm with you, Fiona. lol

I loved Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. Will have to look up those you mentioned.



Liz said...

that is an amazing set of series....and I have to say I have not tried any in that genre...maybe it's time.