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Oh,this is so embarrassing. But really, I figured, since I am the new girl on the Sweet n Sexy blog, that I really should let you know a bit more about me.
I think I’ve already told you I live in New Zealand.
So here goes.

1. We’ve just moved house – 1st time in 24 years – do you know you start off with one dinner set and 24 years later you have at least 4! Scary how they breed! Anyway, we’ve just moved to the country, not far from the beach where we were, but now we’re on 10 acres of lovely private bush.

2. I have had three artificial hip replacements on the same leg. I had my first one at the age of 16 – in fact at the time (and yes it was a long time ago) I was the youngest in New Zealand to ever have a hip replacement (16 years and 1 month old). Hip number 3 is going well – and long may it last.

3 I’m passionate about interior design, and secretly would read a design mag before I pick up a book – I know completely and utterly sacrilege. I studied through correspondence years ago and have qualities as an interior designer, but writing got in the way! These days I’m addicted to DIY decorating blogs!

4. I’m sadly height restricted. Yes. I’m short. I always say I’m five foot 2, but recently when I had to go to hospital they measured me and I’ve SHRUNK. I mean for someone who is height challenged, that is so not fair. But I keep telling myself that nice things come in small packages, just wish that meant skinny too.

5. I’m the mother of 2 daughters adopted from Russia in 1996 and traveled their, staying in a small Russian town for 5 weeks while paperwork went through before I brought my new family home. Yesterday, my eldest just got engaged. How cool is that.

6. This year I decided I wanted to cook better meals. I mean I can cook okay, but wanted to improve my repertoire. So each new dish gets rated out of ten by the family. So far my curry has hit 9 on the scale! Still on my list to cook are a Pavlova, a Christmas fruitcake and a sponge cake. I’d also like to do some recipes with fish.

7. I saw one of my heroes once. In my book HE’S THE ONE, the hero walked into a cafĂ© I was at with a couple of fellow authors. I just about fell off my seat. He even drove the same Mustang I described in the book. But did he stop and talk – nope – this hunk just sauntered on by without a look in my direction.

8. I’ve lived in England, Israel, and Canada, though I was born in New Zealand. I love to travel. Next year hubby and I are hoping to drive route 66 in the USA as we’re mad keen (read that as he is) on old cars.

9. And talking of hubby, I’m proud to say we met on a blind date, married eleven months later and this year we celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary.

10. Now the last of these awesome facts about moi that you did not know should be the most uber-awesome. I’m wracking my brains for something so weird/wonderful/fascinating to tell you all…. Um…..Oh I know… much to my children’s embarrassment (when they were younger) sometimes when they came home from school the stereo was blasting the Beatles or the Beach Boys and I was boogieing up a storm. I can rock with the best of them LOL. Okay, I’m a tad slower now as I’m aging but… heck, you can’t keep a good chick down.

Here’s an excerpt from HE’S THE ONE

Then he kissed her.
Taylor gasped and inhaled his scent. Pure sex. Pure male. It almost sent her over the edge, to a place she hadn’t known about. Till now.
She kissed him back.
He teased her mouth, grazing her bottom lip with the scrape of his teeth and, once again, Taylor began to drown.
“You can’t bury yourself in your fantasy weddings, Taylor.” His voice almost purred against her cheek.
But Taylor’s brain had shut down to everything but the taste of him and the aching need that swelled deep inside her.
“This is our fantasy. Is this what you want?” he asked.
Definitely. But she didn’t say so. She couldn’t admit it. Not out loud. Not even to herself, really. She pulled away and grappled for oxygen. She needed to breathe. But, oh, how she needed Cade’s kiss to go on forever.
Nothing is forever.
With shaking fingers, she battled for control, fumbling in her purse. She refused to look at the condoms. “Here’s my card. If you…”
“I haven’t changed my mind.” He looked at her, dark eyes earnest. “It’s still yes.”
The card slipped from her fingers. “It is?”
“Uh-huh. So what’s next?”
“I don’t know.”
“It’s your call. You’re the boss. Or did you think you’d just jump my bones and get it over with tonight?”
Taylor swallowed her embarrassment. Yes, that was exactly what she’d thought. Businesslike. Organized. Get it over with and get on with life.
He lifted her hand, turning it over as if trying to read her palm. He smiled—slow and sweet. It made her want to reach up and trace his mouth, to feel his smile.
“Sorry, no can do.”
“Why not?” God, did she actually ask that?
“Because, call me old fashioned, but I think we need to take it slow, let it smolder, heat up and get us in the mood. Making love isn’t ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’. It’s an art form.”
Mood? An art form? Lord. She was in the mood now. One kiss and her body burned for him. She had to get out of here before she did exactly what he said and jumped his bones.
“Well, thank you for being a…gentleman.”
“No problem. When would you like to meet again?”
How about ten minutes time, her subconscious offered.
“Um…maybe tomorrow. I’ve got to check my diary.”
“Of course. Business before pleasure.”
Taylor’s head jerked up. She caught Cade’s amused grin. Those dimples sure were a temptation.
“Business is what pays the bills.”
“And love is what the makes the world go ’round, or so they say.”
“This isn’t about love.”
Cade’s grin slipped. “No, it’s not. It’s about giving you some experience. Don’t worry. I’ll phone you.”
Taylor realized she’d been summarily dismissed. Thrusting open the car door, she jackknifed out as fast as her trembling legs allowed and, although she bent down to say thanks, Cade didn’t give her time. He gunned his hot car and, with a squeal of tires, sped off into the night.
“Just like a knight in shining armor,” Taylor murmured as she watched the retreating vehicle.
Trouble was, she wasn’t sure she could handle being rescued by Mr. Harper.

Happy reading everyone
Jane Beckenham


Tina Donahue said...

You've had an interesting life, Jane. I envy your new place. Ten acres and near a beach - wow. You lucky girl you.

Love the cover of He's the One. So romantic yet sexy too. :)

JaneB said...

Thanks Tina. Yes Hes' the One has done really well and the cover is awesome. Living here is lovely, had a family of quails walk by the other day.

Dee Brice said...

Fun blog. One day I hope hubby and I will make it down under to visit New Zealand and Australia. Since Errol Flynn has always fascinated me, hope to take in Tasmania as well.

Dee Brice

jean hart stewart said...

Cover and excerpt are both great, Jane. Congratulations on your daughters, that's a lovely story. My daughter is adopted too, and is the joy of my life.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Jane

I'm itching to see your new place. Next time we're up that way we'll visit.

Harlie Reader said...

Hi Jane. I didn't realize that you're on hip #3. You would love Route 66. Hope you run into Mater or McQueen. (yes, I have a 6 yr old son)


Harlie Reader said...

Also, welcome to Sweet n Sexy Divas.

JaneB said...

Thanks for popping by Dee. NZ is a pretty great country, especially if you like outdoor activities.


JaneB said...

Thank you Jean, while the road to adoption was fraught and because they were older children - 5 and 7 at the time of adoption, there have been issues, but the exciting thing is my eldest just got engaged!


JaneB said...

Any time Shirley.


JaneB said...

So looking forward to Route 66. We've done a small part of it before, but this time it's all the way baby!

Helen Lacey said...

Hi Jane - I love the sound of where you live. And I have He's The One downloaded onto my kindle, so looking forward to reading it.
Great post.

JaneB said...

Hi Helen, thanks for popping by. Yes we have our own little piece of paradise.


Liz said...

woo hoo! GREAT excerpt and fabulous post thanks for sharing it with us.

JaneB said...

Many thanks for popping by Liz