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SWEAT EQUITY and a VERY HOT Man Love Moment

Blake and Rob....

But FIRST... I'm just too excited NOT to share....
My series "THE REALTORS" which began with Floor Time continues this week.
SWEAT EQUITY is the 2nd in the trilogy and so far, the series is getting rave reviews.
Here are a few, excerpted.

Hesperia Loves Books:
What is it then – it’s raw, emotional, strong, confusing (to them at least), heart-wrenching and completely FANTASTIC!  Their love & sex burn the pages and make me want that fabulous ending, since their road has been so tough, I have to know the rest of their journey and what the future holds for them.

Melissa @ Sizzling Hot Reviews:
Floor Time is a sexy thrilling ride of passion and real estate. When Jack and Sara come together, they combust. It doesn’t matter where they are or who is around them, they can’t keep their hands off each other. As they explore their cravings, they experiment with a little BDSM and Dom/Sub during their love making. The scene at the open house will leave you breathless.

Harlie Reader:
If you are looking for a sweet story, this is not for you.  You will read one of the most gut wrenching, emotional, off the wall sexy and utterly exceptional stories that will leave you wanting to read more about Jack and Sarah and the road that they take with each other.  The beginning of their journey together is one of the most emotional filled stories that I have read in a long time.  I look forward to reading about their journey together soon.

MyBookAddiction Reviews (from a REALTOR reader):
The secondary characters are well written and add to the story.  Crowe’s descriptions of the life of an active REALTOR are spot on although I’ve never had the kind of fun selling houses that her characters do!  I’m really looking forward to the next two books in the series because Jack and Sara still have a lot to work out!
Link:  http://mybookaddictionreviews.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/floor-time-the-realtors-by-liz-crowe-review/

In honor of the release of Sweat Equity I am giving all you Sweet And Sexies a HOT EXCERPT....My heroine, Sara Jane Thornton has a brother Blake. Blake is her touchstone, her advisor, the guy she turns to for most everything including the food he and his lover, Rob cook for her.  

Rob and Blake own a brew pub, The Local, the hottest thing in gastro-pub concepts in South East Michigan.  But Rob is aggravated with Blake. He's getting way too involved in Sara's issues with Jack. AND he is still having a tough time letting go of his last lover, a beautiful woman named Suzanne who owns a brewery across town.....leading us to this moment (WARNING: GRAPHIC M/M SEX DESCRIPTIONS.  please do not read any further if you are offended by this sort of thing.  Otherwise, get a glass of cold water....)

Noting the late hour, Blake realized he ought to be tired, should have be exhausted really, having been up at five a.m. for a punishing workout, after which he spent two stressful hours across from a lender on a task he was foisting on his partner. Trying to prove his worth, needing to see his products on store shelves and not just in the restaurant. Something else Rob was most likely correct about—but Blake refused to acknowledge it.  Then he'd proceeded on to his usual ten hours of brewery work. But his skin crawled as if covered in ants. His brain hummed with a strange energy and his hands shook as he held a clipboard and tried to focus on the graphs indicating temperature changes in the fermenter in front of him.
“Fuck!” The board made a satisfying clatter against the wall where he heaved it, splitting apart and sending chunks of metal and molded plastic flying across the room. He put his hands against the cool stainless steel. Closing his burning eyes he pictured her, her deep red hair, infectious smile, the woman who’d given him a chance as a brewer, taken his heart in her hands and then squashed it like a fucking bug.
“Calm down.” Rob’s voice in his ear, the sudden sensation of the man’s body pressed against his back made him nearly leap out of his skin. “Shhh…It’s okay. You’re gonna give yourself an aneurism. Then I’d have to kill you.” Blake took a deep breath as Rob put his hands over the ones he had pressed against the fermenter, threading long fingers through his. His lover’s lips at his ear, then his neck brought his cock to immediate attention, making him groan with the pain of keeping it trapped behind his zipper. A need so strong roared up from the soles of his feet, making the room darken, then get suddenly bright.
“I need you,” he could barely hear his own voice. “Please, Rob.”
“I know,” the other man soothed, keeping his lips against Blake’s skin. Blake leaned his head against Rob's shoulder, arched his back and pressed his body even closer against his partner's. Rob released one hand, keeping the other one tightly clasped in Blake’s, still pressed against the cold metal of the brewing vessel. Blake sighed as his lover stroked his rock hard shaft through his jeans, ran his hand down Blake’s thigh and back up, cupping his need, never stopping the trail of kisses down his neck.
“Are we alone in here?” Rob’s voice was breathy, rough with lust. Blake nodded. “Cause I’m gonna fuck you baby. You want that? I know I do.” Blake felt his chest loosen, sensed his own pure need for everything about the man touching him pour through his psyche.
“I love you.” He whispered, as Rob unzipped him, releasing his already weeping cock to the cool air. “Oh God,” he groaned as the man passed a hand up and down his length, over the aching head of him.
“I love you too.” Rob’s voice anchored him, held him to the earth. Blake’s natural tendency to lose control, the side of him he held tight around Sara so he could be what she needed from him, he’d only shown to two people. The woman who’d broken his heart and the man now gripping his jaw, turning his face around so their lips could meet.
Blake turned all the way around, needing the full contact, wanting to put his arms around his tall blond lover. Rob pressed into him, keeping his hand on Blake’s cock, shoved his tongue between his lips, sweeping into his mouth like he owned it. Their groans filled the room, as Blake threaded his fingers through Rob’s thick hair and the other man increased his speed, using Blake’s own fluid as the perfect lubricant. He broke away, staring deep into Blake’s soul. “Let her go.” He demanded. Blake nodded, more than a little confused as to who Rob meant until he realized he meant both of them. Let his sister live her life. Let go, once and for all, of the redheaded brewery owner who’d nearly killed him.
“Okay. I promise.” He sighed as Rob turned him back around. And he would. Anything to keep this man in his life. 
“Huh, not likely.” Rob eased his jeans down and Blake stepped out of them, planning his feet apart, his hands back on the stainless steel vessel in front of him. “I know you Blake Thornton. Better than anyone. I know how your mind works.” Blake felt the other man’s thick shaft against his ass, his strong hands gripping his shoulders, trailing down to his waist and hips. “But it’s okay.” His voice dipped lower as he positioned himself behind Blake.
Blake groaned as his lover touched a cum slickened fingertip against his ass, pressing in, breaching the tight ring of muscles. “Let go Blake. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Because I know you. And I still love you.” He shoved in deeper bringing a loud grown to Blake’s lips, making him arch his back, offer himself to the man. Rob shoved his tee shirt up, pressed lips to his back, licked up to his neck, then bit down hard as he pulled out his finger and pressed his cock into Blake’s body with a hiss and a soft moan. “Oh God. You feel so good.”
Blake braced himself, letting his body accept his lover’s invasion, going beyond the pain and reaching the extreme pleasure as Rob’s long cock reached deep, caressing his gland. His own cock jerked, leaked more and he closed his eyes, trying to do what Rob said—trying to let go, to fall and let someone catch him. The smell of their mutual lust swirled around him, the feel of his man’s body against and inside his and his own deep need for it all made him gasp. When Rob gripped his hips and eased out and back in he grabbed his own cock with one hand, keeping himself braced against the vessel with the other.
“Harder,” he grunted. “I know you want to. Take me like you want.”  Rob groaned, dug his fingers into Blake’s hips and pounded into him. He felt the other man’s intensity, his need to prove something and he pressed back, pumping his fist against his own cock as the orgasm gripped him, deep and Rob’s cock pressed up against his prostate, making him cry out and cover his hand and belly with his own fluid. His body jerked and his brain continued to buzz when he felt Rob change his angle and the speed of his thrusts. With a grunt, Rob released inside him.
“Dear God, what you do to me,” Rob draped across Blake’s back, wrapped strong arms around his waist, keeping their bodies joined. Blake reached back and laced his fingers through his lover’s hair as his own body calmed, finally after the last two days of sheer stress. “I’m sorry.” Blake felt tears prick the back of his eyes.
“No.” He stood, wincing slightly as Rob’s cock slipped out of his ass. “You have no reason to be.” He pulled his jeans up, wiped his hand on a nearby towel and turned, smiling, watching as his lover caught his breath, hands on hips. He tugged the other man’s jeans back up, then held his face between his hands.  “I’m sorry. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. And you’re right.”
Rob raised an eyebrow, but returned his kiss, his lips firm and blessedly reassuring to Blake’s orgasm fuzzy brain. “Hold on, let me get that on tape.”
           Blake pulled away, started to speak but Rob put a hand over his mouth. “No talking. Let’s go home.” He brushed Blake’s lips once more then draped his arm over his shoulders and guided him out of the brewery.

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Wow - what great reviews, Liz - major congrats! Hope you have a million sales. :)

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Oh. My. God. Fantastic reviews, unbelievably great excerpt. Must read!

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best description I've ever read of love between two men. Congratulations on your reviews, you deserve them

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You know I had to read this after all the warnings. Wow, that is hot. It's the first m/m love scene I've ever read. You did a great job, Liz. Pulled me right in. Congrats on all the terrific reviews.

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