Saturday, February 11, 2012

Important Blogger Trick

When I first started using Blogger, I would write my blog in MS Word, paste the final product into Blogger and then add the associated pictures. The problem is, when pictures are added, that messes up the paragraph breaks in the text. Words are split randomly into two pieces and the entire document is a mess that is hard to fix using the Blogger editor, especially because there is no “Undo” function. After some time, however, I found a much better approach. Here’s my secret.


That’s it—the entire secret. You need to add the images first. Simply place them in their relative position one after the other. They are easy to move around as long as there is no text, and if you make a mistake it is easy to add an image back in.

When your images are all in relative positions in Blogger, go to your word document and “Cut” that portion of the text you want to go with the first image. In Blogger, “Paste” the test next to the first image. When you paste, the other images will move down, so you will need to delete some lines until the other images gradually move up to your cursor.

Now, go back to your word document and “Cut” the text that will go with the second image. Go back to Blogger and “Paste” the text adjacent to the second image.

After you paste text adjacent to each image, you are almost finished. As a last step, I generally highlight all the text in the blog, and then select “Large” font size.

By the way, your word document should have a consistent font and font size, and should not have any blank lines between paragraphs. That will make it easier to adjust the text to your images in Blogger.

For those of you who thought it impossible that I could write a short blog, this should prove you wrong. Please visit me at http://cookinwithmisshavana.blogspot.com/ to read blurbs, reviews and excerpts from my books. As always, it’s a delight being here.

Thank you Sweet ‘N Sexy Divas.

James L. Hatch

Author for xoxopublishing.com, Solstice Publishing and Eternal Press.


Tina Donahue said...

Thanks for the tip, James - I learned the same thing the hard way. :)

You'd think if we could put someone on the moon, we'd be able to get these blogs to cooperate with formatting.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

You thought this was a short blog, James? LOL I haven't had very many problems with loading up a blog but I know many will be grateful for your good advice.
I wish you all the best, James. I hope you and your family are enjoying some good weather under those Texas skies.

Liz said...

yeah, me too.
I use both blogger and wordpress in my various lives as writer and brewery marketer and still think blogger has the easier media interface.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Yep, learned the hard way a few times, but now I'm getting old hat, at least on the stuff I've already learned. Still learning something new everyday with this blogging world! Thanks for the post James.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks so much....just what I needed to know...I've always had trouble with blogs..particularly with placing the picture when I want it.

James L. Hatch said...

Thanks for reading, Tina, Sarah, Liz and Cynthia. I should have just asked one of you in the first place. But that's the way it is with me. If there is an easy way, I'll do it some other way. Once I found the secret, of course, I thought: "Wow, I could tell others." Sounds like almost everyone else knew. Bummer.
I enjoyed your comments. Thank you again. And yes, Sarah, it is lovely here. I've done more fishing this winter than last summer.

James L. Hatch said...

Hi Jean. I am so glad it helped. I had been so frustrated by the random acts of Blogger I just wanted to shoot it. But the program acts better now that I have a little more experience. Maybe it wasn't the program?
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

James I'm late, but thanks for the tip. Learning to format so many different things is hard, and even harder to remember. But I will try.

I don't blog enough to know much about them.

I spent a whole night though formatting a book on Create Space and finally got it in right. Whew!!!

James L. Hatch said...

Hi Anonymous. I guess we all have to fight our way through these things. Hope the little trick helps. It has made Blogger much easier for me. Thanks for stopping by.

Stormie Kent said...

Thanks for the tip. I have been too scared to try more than one photo. Now I will give it a try :)