Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revisions Rock

Well, sometimes they do. I'm doing major revisions to a time travel novel that's under contract and--believe it or not, I'm having fun. Being a pantser I truly enjoy the unexpected situations my characters lead me into. But my biggest problem with the story is the historical settings. Since I write historical fantasy, I can get away with some things that aren't true of the era, but I like to keep the clothing semi-accurate.

Which brings me to an unexpected resource. Paper dolls. Yep! Those cutout dolls and dresses some of us used to play with before there were Barbies. What I've discovered is a wonderful source of what things were called in say 1200 AD. I do sometimes wish, however, that the authors would put in a figure with arrows pointing at the item. If you need help in this area, costuming, try Dover Publications/paper dolls.

Well, I'm back to revisions. But I'll leave you with a blurb from my Valentine's Day release--His Virtual Gift from eXtasy Books.

February 14, 3000: The destruction of the universe is at hand, unless their burning passion can grow into trust␣and love.
Traveling through space to a secret rendezvous point, Venusian Princess Jynx can␣t help but dream of the sexy prince she has been ordered to negotiate a treaty with and to marry. The Triangulum Prince Kemen is fascinated by the beautiful princess, but he is keeping a secret that threatens their galaxies␣ existence.
Their negotiations with each other and with the third galaxy believed to be a threat don␣t seem to be going anywhere, but Jynx and Kemen␣s passion builds to peaks of ecstasy in dreams and in person. But their shared nightmares portend complete annihilation.
Even with destruction looming, on the most romantic day in the universe, what can a man give a woman who has everything?

So long for now,
Dee Brice
Erotic Fantasies Where Nothing is Forbidden


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Dee! I'm not crazy about revisions, but they are easier than staring at a blank page on my screen and thinking - 'now what?' :)

I've pubbed a few historicals and getting all the dated stuff correct nearly drove me crazy. One of mine was set in the late 1400s in Spain. There is absolutely NO data on the net about what those people wore. I had to finally look at paintings from the period to get an accurate representation.

Liz said...

the book I just sold to Ellora's Cave is gonna require some revision and I'll admit that I'm dreading it but I've done it with other books and have enjoyed the process too.
nice post

Liz said...
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jean hart stewart said...

I love writing historicals, although I've only done two. Love the research, too. But letting my imagination fly is fun too. Nice post, Dee

Dee Brice said...

Thanks for the support. It's nice to know others have the same kind of challenges. Writing is such a solitary endeavor I sometimes forget I'm really not alone.

Fiona McGier said...

I actually enjoy revising and editing my writing! I try to read it as if I'm reading a novel written by someone else, then I get to change things to make them even better!
Didn't most of us start out "writing" fan-fiction in our heads, if not on paper? I always imagine better plot points for things I read/watch...such fun!

JaneB said...

i get the historical dates - pain in the... my book Heartsong was set at the time of Anne Boleyn, such political intrigue, really hard to get right.


JaneB said...

Hey Liz, you can do it, you've done it before, mabye editing is like riding a bike, we can do it.