Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guest blog with Tea Trelawyn

Have a Little Story with Your Erotica

It’s just porn for women—that’s what some people say about erotic romance stories. As a writer of erotic romances, I protest. Porn is written for the purpose of titillation. It is usually one sex scene after another, strung together with the thinnest strands of story—if any. There is no emotional attachment between the characters.

On the other hand, erotic romance so carefully intertwines love scenes and story plot that the two can’t be separated. The characters feel more than lust for each other—although that is a major element—and that emotional connection shows in their lovemaking. They might not fall in love for happily-ever-after, but their relationship will resolve in a way that is satisfying for them as well as readers. And the sex scenes are not only hot, but romantic.

The main plot of my paranormal erotic romance series of novelettes, Moon Racers, revolves around a series of deaths that have occurred wherever this coven of motorcycle racing Texas vampires travels. The men in the coven were each turned through a virus passed on by their sires. As long as they remain together, they can live pretty much as normal men—except for greater strength, longer lives and their need to consume blood. But anyone who tries to leave the coven endures intense pain as well as an insatiable thirst to live feed—whether the donor is willing or not.

In the first book of Moon Racers, Start Your Engines, Cherry Lee discovers that the love of her life, who supposedly died in a fiery motorcycle crash, is alive…sort of. Rory Shaw is a vampire, turned the night of his accident. He almost killed a woman shortly after his turning and so has avoided Cherry. But now that she’s found him again, can he resist the woman who holds his heart, especially when she turns up the heat and sparks his insatiable appetite for her flesh…and blood? And what about the mysterious deaths that have occurred near Moon Racers events? Although they appear to be accidents, the fact that each body was drained of blood is suspicious and alarming.

In book two, Lay It Down, Kei Lee and Cameron Shaw share a past filled with lovemaking to the extreme. But Cam's racing career drove them apart. Now Kei is back in Cam's life, looking for her sister, Cherry. Cam has the information...and a secret. Will Kei accept his vampire nature and return to his arms on a permanent basis? Or will a possible killer part them for eternity?

As of now, I plan two more novelettes in the Moon Racers series, featuring a different sexy couple in each book. The mysterious ‘accidents’ will draw ever closer to the coven until the truth is revealed. Interwoven with this suspenseful plot will be plenty of explicit love scenes that live up to the genre of erotic romance.

Téa Trelawny


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Tina Donahue said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Tea. Erotic romance (not erotica) is no different from any other subgenre of romance - even sweet - except for one thing: the love (sex) scenes are not behind closed doors. They're descriptive, passionate and hot. That is the only difference.

My erotic romance Sensual Stranger won Book of the Year 2010 erotic category at Blue Moon reviews because of the story, not the sex. The review said that even if the sex scenes had been taken out, the love story was rich and satisfying. Definitely not porn.

Stormie Kent said...

Great post Tea! I agree. Here is a test. Read a erotic romance that you simply love but only skim the intense sections of the sex scenes only reading the parts that reveal the feelings of the characters and not the sex act. The story will be just as good. We write romance with a kick.

Tea Trelawny said...

Thanks, ladies. You are both right on.

jean hart stewart said...

Great post. One sex scene after another with no emotional connections leaves me cold. Readers want some genuine warmth with their sex.

Fiona McGier said...

And I truly believe that if a man really cared about how to please the woman in his life, one of the first things he should do is read a few erotic romance stories, to get "a feel" for what women find erotic! And here's a clue: watching porn made by and for men is NOT going to help!
In fact, if Freud had read a few, he wouldn't have had to ask his famous question! ;-D

Tea Trelawny said...

Excellent point, Fiona! Thanks so much.