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Hello Sweet and Sexy Diva's  Readers, 

First of all, Happy New Year to you all. I wish you the best and hope you get all your dreams. 

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For your chance to win, comment on the blog below with your email address, by midnight tonight UK time. After Midnight I will announce the winner. The second best comment will get a signed cover! Good luck!


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Today's blog we are going to have a fun quiz for you all! We are going to see which Marie's character you are. Now before we start the quiz, here is a little back story Marie. 

Marie is the twin sister to Layla, she is closely effected by all the things that Layla does and things that her sister goes through. From start to finish the one person that has been with or sometimes against Layla, but always being there if she needed her was. Marie. 

Out On Amazon Now
Her life is turned upside down when her acting career crosses paths with her sisters desperate struggle to save the careers of the wonderful brothers she had watched as a teenager. The story covers the reactions towards Marie trying to fix the holes for her sister and where it leads her.

During this series we learn why the family has so many problems and what bounded the twins together through the thick and thin of their lives. What brought them into Dance and into the Entertainment business? What made Layla rush head long into the Wrestling world. So enjoy and hope that you will find yourself picking up the A Different Life series and Marie's Series, where you might become a big fan of it in 2012. 


You need pen and paper.
Answer the questions with a, b, c, d and then add up all the letters at the end of the answers you chose to find out who you are. 

Q1: What would you rather do? 
a) Run a Dance Studio                                                                      (A)
b) Be a Model, Actress, Dancer, Part owner of A Dance Studio (M)
c) Be a Wrestler, Actor and now model                                          (C)
d) Be a Photographer, Wrestler                                                      (D)

Q2: Which is more like your dream day? 
a) Taking photo's and having a laugh with your best friend       (D)
b) Modelling on set and kissing a hot girl/guy                              (C)
c) Training new students and beating some big headed ones    (A)
d) Modelling and training a Wrestler to be a dancer                   (M)

Q3: What do you think is the worst out of the choices? 
a) Having to prove yourself to a bunch of strangers (C)
b) Having to set aside your rules and pride for a friend (A)
c) Having to make sure your new love interest impresses your friends (M)
d) Watching the love of your life, being with another man (D) 

Q4: What would you rather have? 
a) A Twin Sister (M)
b) A Wrestling Career and photographer one (D)
c) A Street Dancer and Actress as a girlfriend/boyfriend (C)
d) Two Dance Crews and Studio 

Q5: Where would you rather live? 
a) Scotland                                        (A)
b) England                                         (D)
c) America (North Carolina)           (C)    
d) Canada                                          (M)

Q6: What is your dream part of your dream partner? 
a) Stomach (M)
b) Can Dance (A)
c) Bum (D)
d) Fiery Personality (C)

Well done that is the quiz done, add up the letters in the brackets to see who you are. The Letters are revealed below. 

A)= Amber  (She is in both FREEDOM IS EARNED book and in this book, watch out for her in more books.)

D)= Devon (He comes and goes out of the A Different Life Series.)

C)= Craig (He is the star in the MARIE'S TALES series) 

M)= Marie (She appears in A Different Life: Three Lane Highway , A Different Life: A Valentines Day Save as well as the Star in Marie's Tales)

Thank you for coming out and I hope that you have fun with the quiz. I wish you luck with the quiz. See you all next month for more of McKerrington's blogs. 

Kristal McKerrington 


jean hart stewart said...

Kinda complicated, but guess I'm a Marie. Love quizzes, never can resist taking them.. Best luck with your new release...

Tina Donahue said...

Good luck with your new release, Kristal. Your contests are always fun. :)

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you Jean and Tina. I always try to bring fun to the blog. Its a way of giving the readers breaks from interviews and previews. I'm just glad you had fun.

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Hi Kristal and congrats on your new release. It seems I am a Amber, I'll have to keep an eye on her :)

brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

Christine said...

Well, splice and dice me, I am a hybrid of Devon and Amber lol :P
Great questions for your quiz, although the images of which part I like had me yo-yoing quite a bit...abs, bum, abs, bum.... drool!
Thanks for the fun, and congrats on the new release!
vampyangel291197 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm a Marie, and I love your ebooks. Gina sent me a reviewer's copy and will post it up shortly on Amazon.

Kristal McKerrington said...

Thank you to all of you that came out. I'm glad you all had fun with the new quiz. Got some more fun ones in the coming blogs.

I would like to congrats to Christine, who won a copy of the Ebook this week. Thank you all again for coming out. It always means so much to me.

Kristal McKerrington

Christine said...

Thankyou so much Kristal I can't wait to read it :D

Anonymous said...

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