Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing Fluffy Back

I really love my group of girl friends. We have hung out for the last seven to ten years. Some joined the ranks later. My sister is among this group of fun ladies. We are all different shapes and sizes. But what's amazing is that for the most part we're insane and love to really have a good time, sober and a bit loopy :P. There's no limit to how we may cut up! Last friday was my girlfriends 50th bday and she is so freakin hot. My other friend's husband was celebrating a b-day so we party bused it to keep everyone save, since no one wants to be DD. We took an hour trip in this party bus after eating dinner at a Bar and Grill. Some members we picked up in their homes.

My sister goes. We should wake up the kids and be like it's morning and vacation is over. We died laughing but didn't since we had alcohol in the bus with us. We left the sleeping kids alone.

We then made our way to Funky Town a 80's bar in KCMO. Nothing but 80's music played. Well we did listen to Moves Like Jagger and Cee Lo Green's Fuck You. Other than that. I caught my brother doing the YMCA moves :P Some of our party disappeard up the Stair Case to Heaven where booths were. Others ordered food and gigantor mixed drinks.

You are never to big to get in the cage. Some random chick wouldn't get in there because she thought she was to heavy so we jumped in there and urged her in too. Once she saw no one cared, she had a great time. We shared drinks although she's not in this pic. I can't remember what song we were singing. Oh it was Girls Just Want to Have Fun! Ha. I remembered

This is my youngest step brother. I kept teasing him all night about cutting his hair off and making a wig out of it for me. It's almost down to his lower back and it's so pretty. Old ladies kept on tugging on it. He was so good natured about it.

Oh my dancing buddy for the night. An adorable college student from south of where I'm from. The 60 somethings kept pinching his ass and dancing up on him. We all chilled with drinks and talked about Cougars. He thought I was in my twenties.

I guess the point of this plot is to have fun being yourself no matter what size you are. Who's really judging you but yourself?

Hugs and Happy Holidays!



Tina Donahue said...

What great pictures, Hales!! Sounds like you had a grand time. :)

Hales said...

We had a lot of fun it's been about five months since we all got together and hung out.

jean hart stewart said...

Sounds like a great party...Fun to read about too...Jean

Fiona McGier said...

Hales you are a party animal! I miss those days, but now that my kids are in their twenties, it's their turn. At least they come home and share their funny stories, as you just did! Thanks for reminding me of the fun to be had with friends who love and accept you!