Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Dream Hunk Are You?

Hello All Sweet and Sexy Divas,

The Immortal Chief
Today I'm presenting the quiz for the hottest males in my series. Take the quiz to find out what hunk would be the perfect dream man for you and get you ready for the series that are coming out very soon. 

In today's quiz we have the hot and loved by loads of women. Will. He will be facing the hot and sweet, Street dancer, Wrestler Devon. If that wasn't all ready stiff competition we will have the Immortal legend, who can wield magic and a sword with ease The Immortal Chief. Photo's are also attached to this fun blog. 

 All you need to take part, is a pen and piece of paper. Mark down the number of letters that you get from the multi choice questions. The most letters that you get means that hunk is your dream man. 


Q1: What is hotter? 

a) A dancers/Wrestlers body                                    (D)
b) Multi-coloured hair                                              (W)
c) Being able to wield magic and a sword effortlessly (IC)

Q2: What is the dream date?

a) Dancing and a romantic kiss underneath the stars                                (D)
b) A hot shower backstage, passion kiss and a night of dancing                (W)
c) Sword training, Magic wield and a romantic meal underneath the stars  (IC)

Q3: What would be the best gift from your dream man?
a) A Biceps bracelet.                                                                                              (D) 
b) A box of sweets, jewellery and expensive underwear                                           (W)
c) A sword handmade by the prophecy himself and your name engraved in the blade (IC)

Q4: What Skills would you prefer your man to have? 

a)Be able to dance around the dance floor with you.                                                (D)
b) Be able to Wrestle and protect you                                                                    (W)
c) Be able to cast magical circles and protect you from evil                                     (IC)

Q5: What is the main feature of your dream man? 

a) A shaved head                                   (D)
b) Stunning green eyes                         (W)
c) Long black hair                                   (IC)

Q6: What would your dream man do for a living? 
a) Photographer, dancer and Wrestler                        (D)
b) Heavyweight Champion Wrestler and actor            (W)
c) The Prophecy and maker of Immortals human        (IC)

Q7: Where would your dream man come from? 

a) The Highlands of Scotland  (IC)
b) The lowlands of Scotland    (D)
c) America                             (W)

Q8: What would be his kindest thing he does for you?

a) Feeds you salt meats and chocolates (IC)
b) Teaches you a new lift and shows you off to all his friends (D)
c)  Raises you into the air when he wins his Wrestling match and 
     kisses you on Worldwide TV                                                   (W)

Now that you've completed the quiz, check the letters you got and look below what hotty you scored. If you got mostly IC's you got the hot Immortal Chief If you got mostly D's then you got Devon If you got mostly W's then you got Will. Below is the books that you can get to know these characters in. Devon's book isn't out yet, however so I have given you the link to the A Different Life Fanpage. Make sure that you check it out. 

Shetlands Immortals: The Immortal Chief

A Different Life's : Will

Marie's Tales: Devon

The links for these Fanpages of these amazing characters can be reached by clicking on Shetlands Immortals and A Different Life  headlines. If you however want to speak directly to me, I answer all questions on my fanpage just click Kristal McKerrington's CLICK HERE FOR MY OFFICIAL FANPAGE.Thank you for coming out, hope to see you back next month with the exclusive look at my next Marie's Tales release "Marie's Tales: Taming A Player".

Kristal McKerrington  


Adele Dubois said...

Cute quiz, Kristal. Best of luck with your books!


jean hart stewart said...

what a clever post. I kept wanting to answer, all of the above. My bad. Jean

Kristal McKerrington said...

Hi Adele and Jean, I'm just glad you enjoyed the quiz. Would have loved to hear who you got Adele. I'm the same as you Jean. I wanted all three! If you did finally get one dream hunk, I'd love to hear who it was.

Kristal McKerrington

nani said...

Pretty cool quiz kristal. Glad to of seen you busy here. Promoting..way to go. I have to give you my new blog addy so I can add your books on it. Anyway I like this site, was not surprised that you had a quiz. Happy to see you are mingling again.=) This site does show off some great books I need to get my hands on. GReat people and Great site, I am glad to be a part of it here. Maybe next yr when My books come out. I will be all over... well see you all at the finish line. Happy holidays.
To everyone.
Ana Torres CA,USA