Thursday, December 1, 2011

Those Oh So Sexy Names

What's In a Name?

Picking names has to be one of my most favorite part of cultivating the premise in my head...before it hits paper. I enjoy searching for names that match a specific ethnicity or species.

Short Blurb
Dancing isn't easy. Four nights a week Caileigh disappears into the persona of 'Autumn' to make a decent buck. Selling small pieces of herself to strangers isn’t the life she wishes for. Deep down she aches for a better life.

Orias keeps vigil on his newest target. To find such beauty among the dredges of society affects him. The way she moves on the stage entrances him, but the sadness hidden underneath a facade of sexual promise moves him. For once the fallen thinks to disobey a direct order. Buried beneath his dark soul lays the craving for light and warmth of love.

Tag: Even miracles can happen in one night.

Coming to Decadent In Early 2012

I really enjoyed writing this short novella. I love finding names and putting them together. Orias is an actual name of an angel who was a keeper of time. Not our time but time as in time shifts through the galaxy or Universe. Caileigh. I thought of two sweet names to put together :P

A lot of times names come to me off the bat. I have a title a premise and the names without much searching. But I love it when I'm doing a mental in my head about the hero or heroine's personality.

In Not Since You. I went with Mason Donovan who'd been in my head for years literally with S'Niah. Her name came from my girlfriend who's daughter's name was Sanyiah. I thought it was a beautiful name and so S'Niah came and then shortened to Sin for my heroine who fits the bill for that nicky.

Embrace the Moment and the USCG series names sort of came to me too. I spent some time in the phone book for surnames :P Acer felt like the perfect military name and Lark unusual and bit softer for the heroine who was anything but soft...on the outside :P

Playing is fun. Incubus Enforcers- Makhi, Jacek, Krios, Maedoc, LaRissa...and many more were fun to play with as well.

Inscribed Love- Torquatous I found on a name search the meaning grabbed me. Enslaved in chains. How fitting for an Incubus hero who's enslaved in ink on a tattoo design waiting for the love of his life to have that image inked into her skin to free him.

Finding the perfect sounding match has been easy for me so far. You can't just pair any hero name up with a heroine name or surname they have to mesh. I'll find myself over enunciating or changing spellings and such to give them the perfect fit.

How do you pick names?

Do you keep a spreadsheet of used names and their stories to avoid having the same name in a different story or series?

I do! I need to update it though :P

Do you use search engines or phonebooks? How about surnames? Do you google surnames for a specific race or geographical location? Name any character a semblance of your name or someone you know?

I'm on the lookout for cool names. Tarun's Symphony is still a WIP but one of the main characters name came from a woman at a gas station who had a son named Brenik.

I'm all for hearing your process on naming or even picking titles. Before I cement a title in. I do a quick google or two on the title I want to see if anyone else has a story named similar to mine. If it crops up. I change my title :P

Have a great day!



Tina Donahue said...

I love the names you come up with, Hales. They're so creative and fit the characters so well. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Great names, Hales. I generally do a web search of names used in the country and year I'm writing about and find one that jumps out at me. Find some unusual names that way.

Fiona McGier said...

I usually wait until the characters "tell" me their names! They do it in dreams a lot...

Tim Smith said...

Great post, Hales. I keep a list of possible character names, many of which I run across in the paper and think "Hey, I could use a variation on that!" Ethnicity doesn't come into play unless it's crucial to the story. When I created the character Nick Seven I wanted something that couldn't be assigned a nationality, such as Callahan, Savalas, DeNiro, etc.

Just for fun, someday I'll write an erotic story with characters named Dick Hard and Kitty Moist, just to see if anyone notices.