Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Releases from Rita Hestand!

“Jodi’s Journey” just re-released from Secret Cravings Publishing, and it’s better than ever. Although it is a sweet romance, it has much to offer in the way of issues. I tackle 1800’s abortions, and the KKK and the effects of a fallen South.  Not to mention a romance that is built on true love through learning to understand.

I also released a short novella, “Distracted”. It started as a romance, but developed into a short Mystery I hope you all enjoy. What’s a girl to do when a snake crawls up her bathtub while she’s in it? She latched the back gate, she was sure of it, so where are the mud footprints coming from.
What is going on. It’s up to the handsome deputy Sheriff Jake Quinton to find out, while trying to concentrate his interests away from the beautiful Tara Simmons.

Next on my agenda of releases is “Just One Kiss”. My sixth historical western and self published on Smashwords.com.This is truly a romance for the heart. Just One Kiss centers around Lee Nelson a young man about to join the army in Texas, and a young Negro girl, Hattie Tanner who challenges Lee to treat her like a white girl. Sometimes you just know, it’s meant to be. Can one kiss change their lives? And eight years later, can they take up where they left off? Even though this is set against the backdrop of the civil war, it’s not a war story, it’s a love story that builds in your heart. Two people, destined to be together, despite the odds. If you like romance you’ll find plenty of it in this majestic story of love and triumph. Interestingly enough, this is a sequel to Beyond the Dream Catcher, I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you’ll check out all my books on Smashwords.com and at my two publishing houses, Secret Cravings Publishing and Decadent Publishing.


Tina Donahue said...

Your releases look wonderful, Rita! I had to smile that one of your books is titled "Just One Kiss". I had an historical (via Kensington) published by that name. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me Tina, wow. I couldn't find another title that would fit the story as well is how I arrived at this one. This is one of the few historicals I've written that is based purely on the love interest and not the war or even the water rights they fight so hard about. And it's a story that probably has been told many times, only not in an interracial book. This black girl that Lee Nelson picks up on his travels along with her younger brother, challenges him to treat her like a white girl. Would he kiss her if she was white? And being a man, a young one at that, he can't let the challenge alone, besides he's intrigued from the beginning with her sassy mouth.
Have you ever been kissed by one person and realized they were the one?

Can a kiss last a lifetime?

Didn't mean to steal your title there kiddo, but it just fit.

Right now, Just one Kiss is at the editor's desk, but I'm hoping to release it before the end of the month.

Love and blessings

James L. Hatch said...

I like the sweet romance theme, Rita. I've never been deep into erotica (no pun intended). Way to go on your new release. I wish you every success.

jean hart stewart said...

Titles are sometimes tricky, and all of these are good.Someone else was about to publish a book with the same title as my first one in print, Druid's Daughter, and caught it and politely changed hers. My version is free for one more week at Ellora's Cave, incidently.

Jessica Subject said...

Wow, you've been busy! Congrats on all of your releases! A snake in the bathtub would freak me out. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks James, sometimes the tension in sweet is much harder to deal with than sex. But sex scene are never easy to write.

Well, I have found that sometimes there are more than two of the same title. Usually I google the name I use for a book but this particular book is about that first kiss. It is what keeps the love alive between them for so long. Hard to throw it away. I already have a trailer out and a cover made, so it's a little hard to get rid of it, and it wouldn't be the same book.

Well, I got to thinking for this particular book, what would really freak a woman out in reality to make her call 911, other than maybe a man standing there with a gun, so instead, I used a snake. You see a rattlesnake wouldn't normally do this. But someone put the rattlesnake by the door, and that began my mystery. LOL And I don't usually write mystery, this one just evolved. LOL

And hey, Merry Christmas to you all while I have you here.

Love and blessings

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Hey Rita!! So good to know you've written a sequel to Beyond the Dreamcatcher since I loved that story.
You have some fabulous books out and, my goodness, the covers are beautiful.
As always, I wish you every success.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I just knew you'd be by. You are faithful, girl. Well, yes, if you remember Lee, the young soldier that Chase Rivers saves, this is his story. And it's hot. But this is truly a love story, and less of all the rest. True, it does have some showdowns but it's built on love and it may sound funny Sarah, but I'm trying to write all the stories in my head since very young about why people love each other or fall in love.

Just One Kiss is interracial and involves a young black girl who challenges Lee from the beginning. And you'll be happy to know that Lee himself was a young hero and went on to do more. But the love these two share began and lasted eight years on just a kiss.

I want to explore people's reasons for falling in love. What made them fall for someone. So now I try to remember all the reasons I've heard for falling in love and write my own story to it. Lee's story is heartwarming and true. And your gonna love her little brother too, Sam.

Now I'm writing a contemporary series of a family of sisters. Got it started already. Fun, fun.

I've still got to finish Mail Order Nanny and I've started yet another historical too, so I'm busy and plan to stay that way till this old brain goes awry.
And hey, let's celebrate, I bought Dragon Speaking so pretty soon I won't even have to type. LOL
Love and blessings
Thanks for all of you coming over, been a pleasure.

Love and blessings