Thursday, December 8, 2011

Can Dogs be Vegetarians

Can Dogs Be Vegetarians

This question was posted on another blog recently. No, not naturally. What is it with people that they want to take an animal into their home and change it's nature? Sure, you can feed your dogs vegetables and he'll eat it. He'll also eat excrement if you give it too him. That doesn't mean it's good for him.

If you want a vegetarian, get an herbivore. Stop trying to turn real animals into copies of yourself. And stop calling yourself dog lovers. You don't love real dogs, you love some phony image you've conjured in a world that exists only in your head.

The world these people live in is a Disneyworld where lions make friends with meercats, where deer buddy up with rabbits. I recently watched an animated movie (I'm a sucker for good ones) and this one had a pack of wolves who were in every way not wolves. They were more like a tiny American society where at the end everyone was equal. No more alpha or omega wolf, just buddies. Two of the pack were telling everyone to eat berries, that it was better. Okay, I know this was just a cartoon, but the sad thing is, for a lot of children this is all the education they get about the natural world. They grow up thinking bears are friendly and get themselves killed trying to pet one.

Don't you think if carnivores could live off plants that they wouldn't do so? Eating grass and picking fruit and veggies is a whole lot easier than having to stalk and kill another animal that most likely doesn't want to be eaten. Carnivores fail in their hunts up to half the time. They will go days without food and even come close to starvation when they can't catch prey. That doesn't suddenly turn them into plant eaters.

Carnivores eat meat because they can't eat raw herbaceous plants. They need the herbivores to eat it and break it down in their bodies which are then eaten by the carnivores. Don't believe it? Try putting a slab of beef in front of a rabbit. Or a cob of corn in your cat's food bowl.

People have so many delusions about the real world. That's fine, keep your fantasies, but don't impose them on others, two legged or four.
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Willa Edwards said...

I have to say my cats do eat lettuce. If I step away from the bowl while I'm making salad, that take pieces right out.

I would love for my cats to be vegetarians. I hate the idea of killing animals for them, which I don't do for myself. But like you, I understand that eating animals is there nature and I can't fight that. (I'm sure I would feel the same way about a dog but I only have feline babies).

And I do think, but I'm no expert, that animals eat some vegetables in the wild. I know wild cats eat some grasses (hence the lettuce stealing). The same might be true for dogs.

I understand your point. But isn't all of a dogs domesticated life part of their nature that we've changed? Over hundreds of years we've breed dogs to be what we wanted, long and short dachshund, curly poodles. Is desiring them to eat tofu really that different? Maybe this is just the next step?

P.A.Brown said...

We have changed dogs considerably, but they still have at their core DOG. Animal instincts that nothing we do can change.

I agree dogs and to some extent cats will eat grass. My Dobe loved carrots, but I never thought I could make him eat nothing but carrots and bananas or whatever other fruit or vegetables I could get him to eat and think he'd be healthy.

Just because an animal will eat something doesn't mean it's healthy or good for them. (as much as I wish I could claim that fudge is health food I know it's not. But I eat it any way) Dogs and cats may eat grass or lettuce, but their guts can't break down the fibers and cellulose so it passes through them. Probably acts like a good laxative. But it doesn't nourish them.

Even cows need four stomachs and have to regurgitate their food before they can digest it.

Fiona McGier said...

I used to have this argument with some friends who had 2 female dogs they let run loose, so they had 2 litters a year. It got so bad that the man would throw the puppies into a river in a sack with rocks in them, because everyone he knew already had one of his dogs' puppies. I asked them why they didn't either keep their dogs inside, or get them neutered. They both responded that "that's not natural" for the dogs. Neither is losing their puppies, having dugs that hung down almost to the ground, or eating dried kibble dog food...not to mention that one of the dogs loved to match the guy in shots of tequila...until she would go into a corner and pass out, to not wake up for days. People need to take the interests of their pets into account, and not try to change them more than humans have already changed them. Creating specific breed traits has already changed so much of dogs' realities, including breeding problems into them, like hip problems for Irish Setters, or stomach problems for Great Danes. Adopt a mutt from a shelter and feel good about your choice!