Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What is My Responsibility Regarding the Net? Part 2

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Anyway, I'm back with part 2 of my post about my responsibilities regarding the net.

Such awesome response. I just responded to 4 more comments on the first blog which you can view here.  Now, I'm ready for solutions. How do I think this can be solved? How will we keep pages on FB or Google "safer"

*I know Blogger has a disclaimer up. When you create the blog, it asks you will this be a blog with adult material. Now, with all the silly things that FB has done, it can adapt a way for there to be a disclaimer. When you join, are you 18? Will your page be something that may be offensive to others?
You answer yes, FB puts up the disclaimer before the person even enters the page. That way, the owner of that page isn't targeted or cancelled because someone is purposely reporting pictures or posts for some other reason than offensive. Believe me people it happens. Its happening now on FB.

*FB could be more clear about what they consider "offensive"

I've seen naked women, some say they've seen child porn, people having sex with animals, IDK, some of this I haven't caught. However, pics of men clothed, kissing, or even if its one like the one above, has been flagged on some peoples pages. In this case I bring up Dan Skinner who is a photographer, he creates beautiful homoerotic images. 

This is one of his more tame images. 2 men hugging, a nude back. What is the offense here? Well, he's been reported and taken down 2 times now. 

Not specifically for this pic but others. I mean, really people? Why can't FB take the time to look at what is truly offensive and make a determination before taking down someones hard work? In the case of Dan, his FB was his business contacts. A lot of his models, companies he's worked with were tied to that page.

UNREAL. All because someone doesn't like homoerotic photos.

*How about an ADULT Facebook?

Now this is my least favorite solution. Why? Because it opens a can of worms. A license to put porn out there or hate pages, something I don't want to see. However, with all the work the higher ups do at FB they could make a more ADULT side of FB for people like authors and photographers like Dan to showcase their work.

Sort of like Literotica where everything goes but its all sexual. Pretty much nothing is off limits there. I've seen and read some interesting stuff. Some I dont even like but I'm not reporting it, I'm not blasting the person that posted it. Skip it and move on. That's the key.

What are you achieving by reporting a page? If its hate speech against minorities or gays or child porn, then yes, you are doing your part but you're reporting a picture because of a woman's nipple showing? Really? When will FB wisen up? It's driving a lot of people away, most running to Google plus since you can pick and choose your circles with one click. Not, picking names out of your 590 friends. That is a pain in the ass, to say the least.

Maybe you guys have better ones? If you do, please leave a comment. Thanks for listening to me ramble. 

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Rawiya said...

As Always, I'd love everyones comments

Tina Donahue said...

I like your idea for an ADULT Facebook. That would clearly solve all of the concerns that seem to be out there.

Tim Smith said...

I'm not on FB yet, but I agree that if something turns you off, simply click the mouse and move on. I don't like censorship but think people should exercise a modicum of common sense and good taste. Don't most publishers and sites have guidelines that dictate what you can and cannot depict?

As for those disclaimers on adult-oriented sites - get real! They may be complying with the law by posting the "You must be 18" thing but who polices that?

Good post!


Karenna Colcroft said...

Tim, I don't think anyone polices them. I have a "must be 18" disclaimer at the top of my home page on my website, but there's no way to enforce it. I have the disclaimer, so if someone gets on my case about underage people seeing "smexy stuff", I can say, "But look, I warned them."

I agree, if you don't like something on Facebook, move on. The morals of a few shouldn't control a site with thousands--or is it millions--of members. Not everyone approves of the same thing, and not everyone is offended by the same thing.

wlynnchantale said...

An Adult Facebook would be nice. I did go in and play with the settings on my Author page so that only those 13+ can view it.

Still it would be nice to have something there. Great article.

Adele Dubois said...

There is an adult FB, but we would never, ever want to go there. It's not run by FB and it's a dark, scary place. (Only half-kidding.)

Since FB has a PG policy, and will tolerate PG-13 on occasion, we have to follow their rules. We don't own our FB pages. We are only utilizing their services. FB wants family-friendly pics only. No sexually oriented or violent pics. I'm very careful what I post there because I don't want my pages to be pulled down. Much of my communication with readers takes place on FB.

My website and blog, however, are my property. I can post whatever I want there. Still, I tend to keep my site and blog PG-13 with an occasional R. People know I write erotic romance. If they want the X rated stuff, they have to buy my books to read that content.


Rawiya said...


It might help. At least one that isn't accessible to kids.

TY for the comment

Rawiya said...


Im glad you agree. FB is a bother, sometimes more of a pain than its worth, They need to make it a social media for EVERYONE.

:) TY for commenting

Rawiya said...


Thanks so much. I agree, just move! You dont like the pic, keep click, remove it off your wall. Don not report them.

Ty for the comment

Rawiya said...


The age 13 settings or 18 like on my page will work to an extent. However there are those people who only want to do it for the sake of reporting people since it can be done anonymously.

People like Dan put in hard work to their pages. No one should be able to destroy a part of someones business with one click.

I thank you for stopping in.

Rawiya said...


Understood, I get it.

However, there is discrimination there. A lot of pics reported are m/m pics or covers. Guys kidding who are clothed, etc.

They must at least determine what is considered offensive b4 they give someone the right to report it.

Thx for your comments as always!