Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet N Sexy Soulful Quotes

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of Soulful Quotes. Today, I have several great books I think you will like for this month's feature. Considering that we are getting very close to celebrating Thanksgiving, I've chosen a few books that have a Native American romance theme.

Authors, Karen Kay and Beth Trissel, were definitely not afraid to be soulful and/or suggestive when it came to her hot Native American heroes. So, grab a seat, and pick up a pen and paper so you can add these to your TBR list. I know I did!

Happy reading!

“Shh…You belong to me, no one else. It has always been so.”

“No, I—“

“Enough!” He gazed at her where she lay in her bed. And with only her thin chemise for covering, Estrela shivered in the cool air.

The movement seemed to be his undoing. He bound across the few necessary steps that would take him to her side, and once there, he knelt quickly before her, his dark eyes staring straight into hers.

He smiled. “But I am silly to talk of these things now when you are still angry with me,” he said, bringing a hand up to trail his fingers over her cheek to her neck.

“Yes, you are,” she said to this handsome lover, throwing her head back to allow him more access to the sensitive spots that he was missing, “I am terribly angry with you.”

“It is too bad,” he said, tracing his touch over her throat, her shoulders, her arms, passing his hand further down over her breast. “If you were not so angry, I could make love to you.”

“Yes,” she murmured again, straightening her shoulders, and pushing out her chest.

“If only I had been more thoughtful,” he said, his voice, his baritone caressing her as his lips followed the path of his hands, his fingers, “If only I had seen to your needs more that day, I would not now have to beg for your favor.”

She shivered, “Yes,” she whispered, “it’s true.”

“But,” he spoke softly, his warm breath a delicious sensation as he gently suckled her breast through her chemise. “But I acted such a clod, and now I have nothing but your wrath to attend to.”

“Yes,” she murmured, barely able to speak.

“Take it off.”

She didn’t even pretend to misunderstand. Her whole body felt warm and a particular part of her anatomy on fire.

Without pause, she shrugged out of her chemise, the caress of his fingers over her naked skin feeling so good, so right, it was her undoing, “Why have you waited so long to make peace with me?” she asked at last. “Couldn’t you have done this a few weeks earlier?”

He smiled. “Were you not angry with me? Were you not denying me your favors?” he asked as he trailed his tongue lower and lower, down to her stomach. “What chance did I have against your wraith?”

She sighed and had she the strength, she would have answered him. His tongue, however, was working magic over her flat stomach, the touch of his fingers there against the inside of her legs as intoxication she could not resist.

“You are mine, Waste Ho,” he said. “You belong to me and I to you. Say it to me, Waste Ho. Let me hear it from your lips.”

She whimpered; it was her only response.
~ Karen Kay, Lakota Princess

“You are paca, beautiful.” Closing his arms around her, he drew her gently against him. He combed his fingers through her hair. “Like fire, your hair, and your eyes…never have I seen such a color. You are the sun, the trees, come to life.”
~ Beth Trissel, Red Bird's Song

“I see,” Julia said. “But, you are only one person; how many of them are there?”

“Three,” he said. “It will be a fair fight.”

“Ah,” she said. “I know it will be a fair fight, for you are a warrior to contend with, but do you not think you should teach me some skill with a weapon in case I am needed?”

“You will not go near the fight. You will stay way back, guarding the ponies as we agreed.”

“Neeheeowee,” she said, “I still think you should teach me to be of some use.”

He cast her a sulky glance, then he frowned. “Do you know nothing about fighting?”

“No,” she said. “Nothing at all.”

“Eaaa. I see. You are right,” he said. “You must know something about fighting for by following me, you may need some skill. I will teach you a little each night and you must practice. But realize that by carrying a weapon, if you do not use it well, that weapon can be turned against you. It is the first thing you must know.”

Julia smiled. “I will remember. I will look forward to our lessons. Is there any other way I can help you to overcome your enemy?”

He smiled. “Yes,” he said, looking meaningfully at her breasts. “Do not tempt me with your body.”

“I do no such thing!”

He chuckled. “You do not have to do a thing, just your being here is enough.” He looked down at himself, his breechcloth already straining against his need. “Do you see?”

Julia caught her lip between her teeth. “There is very little I can do about that.”

Neeheeowee laughed outright. “No, my love,” he said. “There is a great deal you could do about it, it is only that we cannot allow such things to happen between us right now.”

“Neeheeowee,” she begun, “could we go to sleep tonight with you holding me? No lovemaking, just holding? Is that not allowed?”

He shook his head. “It could be done, I would say, if you looked like a bear and smelled like a rotting buffalo. As It is, though, I would never sleep.”

He moaned. “I am afraid it would be painful for me: to have you in my arms, to want you and not be able to take you…I do not know if I am man enough.”

Julia didn’t know what to say to that, and Neeeheeowee, after putting out the fire, chuckled, lying down to sleep, and despite what he said, he invited Julia into his arms and into his bed, putting his arms around her and holding her the whole night through.

Evidently, she thought, he was man enough.
~ Karen Kay, Proud Wolf's Woman


Tina Donahue said...

Great excerpts, Renee - thanks for sharing! :)

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Tina!

Marilyn ~ wiggiemd said...

Thanks for featuring 2 of my favorite Karen Kay books! I love those stories and the new covers are awesome!

I haven't read Beth Trissel's Red Bird's Song yet, but it's going to the top of my TBR list.

Renee Vincent said...

Mine too, Mare! I especially loved Karen Kay's first book that I featured. I love when he said so matter-of-factly, "Take it off."

Karen Kay said...

Hi Rene!

Thanks so much for featuring these books. You brought back those stories and those people to me again.

Rene, I'm blogging tomorrow at Petticoats and Pistols -- www.petticoatsandpistols.com and I'll post this link so that people can come on over and read these.

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks so much Karen and it was a pleasure to feature your NA romance novels. I am definitely going to have to read these!!!

Karen Kay said...

I just finished posting my blog over at www.petticoatsandpistols.com and featured this site. Hopefully you'll get a few more views tomorrow! :)

Lizzie Walker said...

OMG...I think I just about died and gone to heaven. Those passages made me completely melt!

Renee, this was awesome. I will be picking these books up. Wow, wow.

I've been looking for some good books featuring Native Americans but I was afraid to pick any up for fear that they would not be realistically portrayed.

Running to open my kindle right now!

Marilyn ~ wiggiemd said...

Kay, writes the best American Indian romance books! She does her research!

Lizzie, Lakota Surrender will be released in 2 more weeks. But pre-orders are on sale now!

Great covers too! ;-)

Pat McDermott said...

Wonderful Thanksgiving appetizers, Renee. Love your "quotes" and look forward to more.

Renee Vincent said...

thanks Karen!!! I just saw your post and what a cool blog that is!!!
Thank you for including the direct link to this post.

I cannot wait to read Lakota Princess! That little snippet hooked me right away!

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks for including Red Bird's Song, Renee. I should have supplied you with a longer excerpt but didn't realize you were featuring that length. For more on Red Bird's Song please visit my blog: https://bethtrissel.wordpress.com/
or website: www.bethtrissel.com

And I want to add that I did my research too. Massive amounts of it, with assistance from the Shawnee themselves, anthropologists, archeologists, historians, and research into my early American family genealogy.

Karen Kay said...

Thanks Renee!

It's one of my favorite books because it's a Native American Historical Romance, but it's set in England, of all things...

By the way, my personal website: www.novels-by-KarenKay.com currently is bugged (it has a bug on it). We're trying to figure out what happened and fix it. But for right now, it's not a website to go to.

Renee Vincent said...

Beth, normally I do not feature that length of quotes. I usually feature a line like you did, but since I didn't have many books to feature, I thought I'd let the excerpt length post of Karen's stay.
Sorry should have told you....