Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do You Read Holiday Stories Before or After the Holidays?

To date, I've only written two holiday stories. All Bets are off is available today and On the Naughty List is a freebee on my website. Halloween has just passed and we're on our way to Thanksgiving. Right after one holiday passes another one is looming close in the distance. So my question is... what holiday stories do you like and when do you read them?

I'm not much of a Holiday writer and I find myself wondering if I'm losing out on these fun stories. In truth I can't quite keep in mind the submission for holidays cut off date. But I'm interested in other authors and their holiday stories.

Where do you find your premises?

Are there Holiday serials?

Do you do a holiday story a year on the dot to lock in secondary characters?

I enjoy bringing back secondary characters. Waiting a year might be pushing it for me if it's a novella.

What are some of your favorite authors? I've read so many holiday stories from my favorite authors. Debbie M, Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Johanna Lindsey, and so many more. Most of them were print authors before I even learned about the digital industry. I'm looking for some new stories!

Which Holidays are best sellers? I think I've mainly read Christmas and New Year's ones.



Forth of July



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You'll remember the beginning of this short. I've trippled the content and it's up now. To find out what happened to Jaynie and Brendon you'll have to buy muahahaha. Here's a sneak peek just for SNSD!

Short Adult Teaseer : Jaynie is called on her taunt "Eat Me" still covered in her Cotton Candy Fairy Costume.

Excerpt 2 Adult

Jaynie both melted and panicked at the same time. Bren’s lips tracing her nipples elicited a moan from her. Backed against the wall with nowhere to go, she leveled her gaze on his intent one. Joking wasn’t his fortitude. Her co-worker pretty much delivered as promised. His tenacity was one reason she despised him so, just not now with his tented cock pressing against her mons and his mouth rendering her speechless.
“I love this new side of you.” His whispered breath caused pebbles to pop over her skin.
“Sexy, confident, and until now silent.” He captured her lips in a possessive kiss, thrusting his tongue in and out, tracing her bottom lip and then repeating the siege on her. She threaded her hands in his hair and pressed her body flush against his. Caged by him her fantasy came to life. One of his hands traveled a course down her ass. The candy tickled her skin in comparison to his heated palm navigating her cheeks. He found the scant material protecting her pussy and ripped it in two.
“Oh baby.” He chuckled, trailing fingers up her slit teasing the wet flesh. “Listen to that sound.” He flicked the inside of her cunt with two digits drenched in juices. She’d always been super wet when aroused. Bren played her, evoking sighs from her as if he’d never tire. She failed to notice how thick his guns were before and let out a shocked cry when he hoisted her effortlessly onto his shoulders where his mouth met her sex close up and personal. In a slow long lick she fell apart convulsing over his tongue.
“You’re bad. And we shouldn’t be doing this we work together.” She gripped his hair in an iron hold, apparently her words didn’t faze him. He continued to fuck her pussy with his mouth and nip her clit. High up and against the wall she had no other recourse. And then his fingers speared hard within her, a coil of pleasure building again, blinding in intensity. Bren took satisfaction in her responses. Even though she couldn’t see his expression, she knew by the way his lips worked over her, his relentless finger fuck resulting in a second blinding orgasm.
“Bad sweets? We’ve only just begun.” Bren toggled her clit with his tongue and withdrew, bringing her off his shoulders, her feet touching the ground. Weak kneed, she near fell into a heap, his strong arms kept her steady while she found solid footing.
“I-uh,” She fumbled for words to say. Fuck it. Jaynie popped the button on his cargo pants and eased the zipper down. The gentle hiss of the metal teeth the only sound in the room aside from her rapid breathing. His flesh jerked at her contact, making her insides go all gooey again. Bren’s thick and heavy cock sprung out full mast once freed, impressing the shit out of her. Seconds ticked by. She palmed him and dropped to her knees to pay homage to such a beautiful piece of muscle, giving head one of her favorite pastimes.

I hoped you've enjoyed the little peak!






Tim Smith said...

Hales, I enjoyed your post and the excerpt. As for writing holiday-themed stories, I've intentionally stayed away from them with one exception that I released last Christmas. I've read and seen enough romantic comedies where the couple magically find each other at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve or Christmas, and I thought it had become cliched. The same with Valentine's Day - if you're going for the happy-ever-after, be original and don't rely on something formulaic.

Great post!


Tina Donahue said...

I've never written a holiday story. However, the ones I like best to read are those involving Halloween and Christmas. Chills and love. Maybe both. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Hot, hot, hot! Great excerpt. I don't even try to do holiday themes stories. Have too much else in my head and needing editing to try to hit an artifical deadline. But that's just me. Jean

Renee Vincent said...

Hales, I love the cover of All Bets Are Off! I don't know why but I think it has something to do with that gorgeous man on his knees with his hands around the heroine's waste. That is such a tender moment, yet so sexy!

And no, I rarely read holiday stories around the holidays. I read it cause I want to, whether it's pertinent to the season or not.


Fiona McGier said...

Phew! Hales, you rock! Hot covers, hot words...I can turn the heat off now, I'm sweating already!

I've never written holiday-themed story...don't read them much either. Not saying I won't do either ever, but not on my to-do list.

Hales said...

Thanks so much for the comments Tim, Tina, Jean, Renee and Fi! I enjoyed them. See it's not just me who's not all into doing holiday reads. I do like to do short freebees sometimes on holidays though lol.