Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet N Sexy Soulful Quotes

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of Soulful Quotes. Today, I have several great books I think you will like for this month's feature. And since it's nearing Halloween, I've chosen books that have a paranormal theme to them.

So, grab a seat, pick up a pen and paper so you can add these to your TBR list, and enjoy! Remember, these are all lines from authors unafraid of getting a little soulful, sappy, or even suggestive in their books.

Please feel free to let me know which ones interest you. I'm sure the authors would be glad to hear some feedback.
Happy reading!

"I wanted you since the moment I first saw you downstairs."

So, he had been watching her. She buried her fingers in his hair, arching her neck as he pressed his lips to the hollow behind her ear. "You have a thing for Greek goddesses then, huh?"

He chuckled and lifted his head to gaze down at her. "Only when they’re as beautiful as you are."
~ Paige Tyler, Unmasked

Hunter raised his head, and Fisher could see the light of mischief in his eyes. "You want to know if being a vampire keeps me from getting it up?"

"That's a crude version of my question, but yes." Hunter had a way of seeing through everything he said or did, he always had.

Hunter took Fisher's hand, and guided it to his bulging crotch. "Does that answer your question?"

"Pretty much, yeah," Fisher tried to sound casual, although his voice managed to jump a complete octave, in spite of his best efforts to contain it. The feel of Hunter's hardness, the immediacy of having it beneath his palm, was having a definite effect on him.

"Don't worry, darling," Hunter whispered in a husky contralto that was meant to be amusing but was only serving to raise Fisher's blood pressure, "I won't get you pregnant."
~ Julie Lynn Hayes, Leonardo DiCaprio Is A Vampire

"Do you want me?" Eamon asked in a brogue so sweet she wished she could taste it. "It's forever, acushla, if you'll have me."
~ Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, Would Without End, Amen

"I wish we had more than this one night. I know we can talk and be friends and all, but I don't know how I'll manage to wait a whole year until we can make love properly again." Spyridion's eyes were dark and glittering with suppressed tears.
~ Berengaria Brown, Ghostly Indulgence

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Virginia C said...

The spirit is willing, and the flesh is....thrilling ; )

Tina Donahue said...

I'm with Virginia - I love this series of yours, Renee - please, please, please - keep it up. :)

Renee Vincent said...

haha good quote Virginia!

And, Tina, I promise to keep it up! I enjoy it too.

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Compelling shorts!
It gets my creative juices going. Hmm,
that reminds me, my husband is still in bed.

Big smile.

Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you for including "Ghostly Indulgence"!

Paige Tyler said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!


Renee Vincent said...

Have fun waking up your husband, Sandy!

*big smile here too*

Renee Vincent said...

You are most welcome, Berengaria and Paige. It was my pleasure!

jean hart stewart said...

Yummy excerpts... love them all.

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Jean! I loved them too!

Pat McDermott said...

Just a taste, and oh so good. I'll be checking out these stories, Renee.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I think it's so wonderful when you read a book and find a golden line or two that just speaks to your spirit. I love it when that happens.
Great blog today, Renee.

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Pat! I thought these snippets would be a big win with some. haha

Thanks Sarah...and I'm like you. When I read a great line, it will stay with me for a long while.